Reddit is a website and mobile app that provides news aggregation, reviews, and discussion forums. It comprises a group of community where individuals may have in-depth talks about their hobbies, interests, and passions. Fifty-two million people use Reddit daily, and 430 million visit it at least once every month. The platform is renowned for its broad range of topics, including TV, sports, fan fiction, fantasy leagues, and business. Reddit has many smaller community groups called subreddits while being a massive site in and of itself. A tiny community focused on a particular issue or topic is known as a subreddit. These subreddits each have their own rules and even themes.

What is Reddit, and how does it work?

When not logged in, the upcoming posts from various subreddits on Reddit's homepage will be displayed. You may view the post's details, a photo, a link, and comments once you click on it. On the site, you can like or dislike any material and view the vote count each item has received next to it. Whether you like the material or not, you indicate that more people are to be seen by upvoting it. Similarly, downvoting implies that the content is not appealing to other people's attention. Your work can appear on the app's home page to be viewed if it receives enough upvotes.

Top features to be added to make apps like Reddit

The app is a unique program with a sizable base and many active users. The most important source of knowledge that interested people is now found in an online community. Few of them, though, have succeeded in matching Reddit's scope and promise. Reddit's built-in features are what has made it such huge growth.

  • Registering

Before using the material in your app, app users must register an account to be created. Users should save their likes and dislikes after signing up so that they may have a tailored experience whenever they log in.

  • User profile

Users of the app build a profile, listing their preferences, interests, and topics of interest. Additionally, the users can display all of their actions, such as their comment history, upvotes, and other information they display in the app.

  • Activity Center

The app's trending activities are all displayed in the activity feed. Three activity feeds available to app users are home, popular, and all. Content from the accounts that the users have subscribed to is displayed in the "Home" feed. The "Popular" feed displays the debates, publications, and trends that are most in demand.

  • Sort and Search

The two functionalities of sort and search enable your app to show consumers the most pertinent stuff. Users of your app can look for any specific material using the search tool without digging through a mountain of stuff. With the help of sorting, your users may change their search criteria and have the results shown in either a popular or chronological order.

  • Creation of Posts

The fundamental concept behind developing apps that are comparable to Reddit is to give users the ability to publish material and engage by making comments and opting to upvote or downvote.

How to create an app similar to Reddit?

App development has historically presented a variety of difficulties. It necessitates a significant commitment to resources in highly qualified requirements. Most startups, small enterprises, and entrepreneurs lack these resources. As a result, the no-code app builder from AppMaster offers businesses the ideal way to create an app. The following steps could be used in creating an app.


Enter your app name

Once the app has been named, one can choose the appropriate app category, design theme, and layout.

Drag and drop the features to the app

Using the enjoyable drag-and-drop interface, refer to the list and add each feature to your project.

Test the app and live transfer

Make changes to the app until reaching the desired quality while testing the app on a real-life scenario. After removing the issues, the app can be launched on an app store.

How much does it cost to build an app like Reddit?

Software like Reddit can cost anything from $20,000 to $50,000 to develop. Depending on the degree of complexity and the features' and functions' nature. Although it may appear quite expensive, it is worth the investment if well-developed.

To save on budget, you may want to consider a no-code development approach. With no-code, you can cut your budget by 10 times compared to traditional development if your development team is from the US and 3 times if your development team is from South or Central Asia.

How long will it take?

Given all of this, creating a user-driven software like Reddit would greatly benefit the question-and-answer community, which leads us to the crucial issue: How much does it cost to design an application similar to Reddit? Surprisingly, it costs far less than any of your preferred social media app fees, such as those for Facebook, Instagram, etc. This main feature's implementation takes 20 to 25 hours. Push notification development might take between 12 and 16 hours. The time needed to build a search function might range from 12 to 15 hours or more. Setting up streaming process features will take up to 120+ hours. It can take between 8 and 12 hours to construct a simple banner integration. Setting up analytics can take up to 2 to 6 hours.

All this is true for the traditional approach to development. With a no-code platform, your application will be launched significantly faster.

No-code solution

If one wants to develop an app like Reddit, AppMaster would be the best solution. The platform stands out from other no-code solutions since it generates the source code, which gives it additional functionality. Or, to put it another way, the platform mimics developers' team. If the platform is given a task, it will produce the same results as if a development team handled it, but it will do so more quickly, effectively, and affordably. This is made possible by the platform's capacity to generate source code at a rate of 22,000 lines per second and automatically write technical documentation. All of this gives the users the option of taking their source code. One can create backends, mobile apps, and web apps all in one using AppMaster.