What we are assisting with low-code/no-code is democratization of programming. Programming is no longer reserved for experienced programmers who have spent years in coding school: low-code/no-code tools, today, allow almost anyone to put their hands on app building, web application programming, and more.

Some low-code/no-code doubters are convinced that low-code/no-code tools limit the possibilities of the programmer and the programming process in general; this is, however, a misconception. As we are about to discover, when you pick the right no-code app, there are no limitations to your programming and app building. Let’s find out together what you can build with no-code tools.

Low-code/no-code needs a no-code app

Before talking about what you can do with low-code/no-code, it’s important to clarify that whoever wants to build apps with the no-code approach needs to rely on a no-code tool. Therefore, the choice of the no-code tool is of great importance: only excellent no-code apps provide you with the flexibility and freedom to build apps and programs just like you want, without having to comply with the tool limitations.

AppMaster: the best no-code tool out there

Other than recommending AppMaster as the best no-code tool out there, we want to take it here as an example to let you understand what kind of features your no-code app of choice should have.

100% No-code

AppMaster provides only visual editing tools. This means that if you don’t want to, you don’t need to write any code at any point during your app-building process. As you may know, this is the most important difference between low-code and no-code tools: with the first, you still need to know and be familiar with at least the most popular programming languages; with the second, knowing programming languages allow you to interact with the code, but if you know nothing about them, you can still build apps and web applications with this platform.

Backend code at your disposal

The fact that you don’t need to write code doesn’t mean that you don’t have access to it. The code is automatically generated when you build apps with a low-code/no-code tool. It’s highly important that you have access to it: only by accessing the backend code do you have full control of the digital tools you’re building and complete freedom of creation over the app-building process.

Why is backend code access so important?

A no-code tool can become low-code when it provides access to the backend code. As you know, low-code tools provide visual interfaces, but you still need to program something manually. A no-code app with access to backend code like AppMaster is a no-code app that can be used as a low-code app. Why should you opt for no-code tools like this?

Accessing the backend code and being able to edit it allows you to extend your building apps in many ways:

  • Full Customization: by editing the backend code, experienced programmers can extend their app and add functionalities. This way, they can obtain the exact app they were thinking of. This is what we mean when we affirm that no-code apps like AppMaster provides full control and building freedom.
  • Database automation: without accessing the backend code, database automation with no-code apps is possible. However, you access and edit the code and modify the syntax with programming languages to obtain deeper customization.
  • Custom design: backend programming also allows for deeper aesthetic customization. 
  • Integrations: as we’re about to see, excellent no-code apps can provide integration with third-party platforms (this is ideal because the collaboration of the two or more tools is, in this case, optimized), but if integration is not built-in, or if you want to use a different third-party platform, with the access to the backend code you can move data and features back and forth between applications.


Integrations are also important. They allow you to use different tools to work on the same project and optimize the way you can switch from one tool to another.

no-code integration

What can no-code programmers do?

What better way of proving that low-code/no-code programming has no limitations than providing you with an explanation of anything low-code/no-code programmers can do?

Empower your team

No-code tools can be used to build apps and web applications that the team within your company can use to optimize their workflow. If there is any action that some members need to repeat over and over again during the week, then programming an app that does it for them can enhance their productivity by 100%!

No-code tools can avoid hiring a professional programmer to automate such processes; the entire team, the entrepreneur, or team members can build the app and tailor it around the company’s needs.

Enhance your business with web apps and mobile apps

As you certainly already know, if you are an entrepreneur, your company doesn’t exist if it’s not on the internet. When you need to provide a platform so that your user can interact with it, and when you need to provide it on mobile devices, you may want to build an app for your clients. With no-code apps, you can build them yourself, you can have your team build it, or you can hire a no-code programmer for a lower price compared to what you’d need to spend if you hire someone to code your app line by line.

Become a freelance programmer

With no-code apps, you can learn to build apps in a faster way. You could start providing programming services and start your career as a programmer. With low-code/no-code tools, a career in the programming sector is no more limited to those who attended expensive coding schools or courses. You can learn anything about app building without learning programming languages. As an alternative, you can learn programming languages, but with low-code/no-code tools, you can start selling your programming services far sooner. In other terms, low-code/no-code tools provide opportunities to enhance your career as a programmer.

Become an entrepreneur

The times when entrepreneurs had a store, a factory, or at least an office are over. Today, you can become an entrepreneur and start a successful business from your couch. Launching an app is, for example, the perfect way of starting a business from your house with very little investment. Because low-code/no-code tools make programming more accessible to more people, they allow more and more people to start their digital businesses and become entrepreneurs. This is one more career opportunity provided by no-code apps.

Is no-code a skill?

Thanks to no-code apps, no-code is becoming a skill. When we say that anyone can start building apps with no-code apps, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to learn how to do it. It means that you don’t need any background knowledge to begin (for example, you don’t need to know programming languages or math).

However, it would be best if you still went through a learning curve that makes you better and better at programming with no-code apps. No-code is, therefore, a skill meaning that you need to learn it, and meaning that an expert no-code programmer can build apps quicker and better than someone who is opening a no-code app for the first time.

On the other hand, if we are talking about such platforms as AppMaster on which you can create not only simple applications and MVPs but also complex highly loaded enterprise-level systems, some kind of technical background will come in handy for you. Since everything in AppMaster is built on the basis of standards accepted in the software development industry. For example, the database editor is a classic tool for creating field and relationship models. If you are already familiar with real databases, then you will definitely not have any problems. Similarly with the business process editor. It is built on the basis of classical BPMS schemes.

Is no-code a skill worth learning?

Of course, it is! For the reasons that we listed above. No-code is the new frontier of programming:

  • If you already are a programmer, no-code apps make your programming process much quicker and more efficient; no-code apps also enhance the control you can have over the different elements and the overall project view.
  • If you aren’t a programmer, no-code apps allow you to begin and complete an app building process without hiring a professional programmer. You’d be saving a lot of money while learning a new skill. 
  • If you aren’t a programmer and you aren’t an entrepreneur yet, you can use no-code apps to learn a skill that you can later sell or become a digital entrepreneur.

Are no-code apps useful for entrepreneurs?

For anything we’ve said so far, the answer to the question - are no-code apps useful for entrepreneurs - is obvious: yes, they are. However, we’d like to go a bit deeper and analyze how no-code apps are useful for entrepreneurs; how can you use them to your advantage as an entrepreneur?

  • Reduces risk
    Entrepreneurs, as you may know, need to learn how to deal with risk. Anything they do has a smaller or bigger component of risk: starting the business is a risk, adding a service to their offer is a risk, adding or removing a production line is a risk, and so on. Building an app for internal use or for providing it to your customer is a risk. But, with no-code tools, you can reduce the expense, the timing, and the stress connected to app building. All these factors contribute to reducing the risk connected with launching an app within your company.
  • Easier launch
    When you build an app to launch on the market - for your clients or to start a new digital business - the moment comes when you need to launch on the major app stores. Using a no-code tool, when the no-code tool is excellent, like AppMaster, makes the launching process a lot easier and more immediate.
  • Reduce the costs
    Whether you build the app yourself, whether you have your team building the app, or whether you hire a no-code programmer. Whatever options you choose, if you stick to the low-code/no-code approach, you’ll always have reduced programming and launching costs.
  • Enhances productivity
    When the app building process is dedicated to building apps to automate processes within the company’s workflow, no-code enhances productivity.

When you can’t count on no-code apps, providing your team with an app does not always enhance the workflow: the app building process is long, and the programming process is more complicated than continuing to do things manually. But you can build apps with low-code/no-code tools, then app solutions arrive quickly and easily, and the productivity is made more efficient.


In this article, we’ve seen how low-code/no-code can be exploited to obtain great advantages whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional, or want to become one. Analyzing what programmers can do with low-code/no-code tools, we not only explored the various apps that can be built with this approach; we’ve also gone through all the possibilities no-code can provide to your career as an entrepreneur or as a professional.

We’ve also highlighted the importance of picking the right no-code app. It makes all the difference in the world: you can exploit no-code advantages only if you rely on an excellent no-code app like AppMaster. Try it and start your unique app building process or business!