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How to Create an App Like Wattpad for Readers & Writers?

How to Create an App Like Wattpad for Readers & Writers?

Everyone has their own ideas and viewpoints. The main distinction is that while some prefer to shout louder, others prefer to introduce their thoughts during conversations or in small groups subtly. A social reading platform called Wattpad helps readers and writers connect online. The app encourages users to write and publish original works in various genres, including teen fiction, poetry, action, and adventure. A free website and app called Wattpad, which allows amateurs and experts a voice, must be recognizable to readers and writers. It provides writers with a fantastic opportunity to publish their ideas. However, readers may engage in conversation by reading what others say.

What is Wattpad, and how does it work?

There are more than 90 million users on the platform. What else? It comes in roughly 50 different languages. Users may interact with their favorite authors on Wattpad, a social storytelling website where they can be reading and write unique tales. Here are some tips to keep them safe on Wattpad. Stories on Wattpad, which was founded in Canada in 2006, ranging from those in Project Gutenberg's public domain to those written by local users who may later publish them for larger audiences. As a result, teenagers and young adults may write knowing that many people may read their work. Kids must comprehend how to be secure on Wattpad as a result.

Must-have features to make apps like Wattpad

Wattpad has a sizable, engaged following that frequents the site frequently in search of new content. Though app users contribute to its enormous success, there is more to the narrative than just the platform's content. The reasons for its appeal are mostly the features of a reading app like Wattpad.

  • Tagging content

On the site, authors and content producers may add tags to their tales, which function very similarly to Twitter hashtags. Readers can use these tags to find the kind of content they wish to read or get ideas from. Tags in the content might also indicate to readers whether the content is suitable for them. To prevent seeing a given kind of information, readers can also block specific tags according to their preferences.

  • Review and Rate

The platform is excellent for consuming high-quality content, but how can you tell what is good from what is not? Ratings and reviews greatly facilitate reader interaction with the content and feedback. When content contains a wide range of positive and negative evaluations, it is simpler for readers to decide what they should be reading and what they should avoid.

  • Reading list

Readers' content may be added to reading lists they have created. On the user profiles, these reading lists are made available to the public. These reading lists could spark discussions among other app users.

  • Notifications

Readers may subscribe to articles or writers on the site to get updates through email or push alerts on their mobile devices.

  • Social media integration

Include social media functionality in your eBook; app users can simply share their content on their social media networks without ever leaving the app.

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How to create an app like Wattpad?

Creating an app from scratch may seem difficult to a small company owner or entrepreneur. In the past, creating an app required writing a ton of code, working on it for months, and spending a ton of money. Of course, not everyone has the money for it. The following steps can be used to make an app like Wattpad.

Wattpad app

Conduct market research

Conducting market research on both national and international ebook app users. Look up the best-performing businesses. Find out their strengths and drawbacks by reading the reviews. It is possible that your app may benefit from a competitor's deficiency.

Identify the consumer needs

A newly created app must have some outstanding characteristics to beat out its rivals. The simplest method is to recognize consumer wants and what can be done to improve the services.

Develop cost-effective solutions

Popular apps like Wattpad, Nook, and others employ economic techniques to improve the effectiveness of their app. Some of these include giving out free prizes, promoting writers with wide audiences across several platforms, etc.

Testing the app before the launch

The advanced and multi-level trial and testing help in three ways; At first app user saves on the costs of app launching and bug removal afterward. Secondly, it will give a good first impression of the app. Thirdly it will allow us to identify any loopholes in the app and resolve them before launching.

How much does it cost to build an app like Wattpad?

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to create an iOS or Android version of a mobile app like Wattpad? It would cost the same as any other mobile app because it is an app. The cost of the app is determined by the development team engaged, and the functionality included. This could be measured in terms of hours. For instance, the development of user profiles and UI/ UX development usually would take 42 hours, development of the home page would take about 83 hours, search and filter integration would roughly take 94 hours, and payments and transactions would take 43 hours.

No-code solution

Numerous ebook apps, including Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, Kindle, Aldiko, etc., are available for iOS and Android. Every year, hundreds of new ebook apps are released as a result of the growing demand for ebooks. The advantage of this industry is that customers may experiment with various reading and writing apps. No-code solution platforms such as AppMaster offers solution more than no-code. Interestingly it generates the source code too. The app mimics the actions of the developer. The platform performs actions faster than your development team. In fact, the platform generates source code at a speed of 22,000 lines per second. AppMaster is also a bundle that allows ones to create apps, mobile apps, and backend. AppMaster does not just make an app but also creates a business suite.

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