Personal branding refers to creating an identity for an individual or a business. Like brands, personal branding is like setting values and expertise around a person or an organization with which they can identify. Personal branding consists of how an individual looks, talks, and acts. No matter which field you excel in, with the right personal branding, it's easier to get notified even in a competitive niche. The right personal branding can make you stand out in the current age of ever-evolving trends and technology. Here is everything you need to know about personal branding.

What are examples of a personal brand?

Here are 25 examples of some of the best branding sites to get inspired from.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a controversial yet famous personality. His written books, seminars, podcasts, and other mediums all revolve around his personal brand of self-financing. He is one of the well-known faces, and people listen to him for his charisma and non-stop energy. Tony Robbins' site is a good example of the right personal branding. The site's homepage is pretty simple with a dark tone and highlights all the offerings Tony Robbins provides. Also, there is a big photo of him and his audience - it's a great illustration of how popular he is.

Tony Robbins

Aaron Ward

Aaron Ward is known for selling and teaching about digital product's selling. He is an active YouTuber with his blog, in which he helps others create their brands. Ward's site has a modern aesthetic touch on his homepage and the rest of the site. His website and personality stand out among the plethora of content creators, attracting an audience to his content.

Alice Thorpe

Alice Thorpe is a graphic designer and YouTuber. Her YouTube channel is not only the place to learn graphic designing but her humor and jolly personality keep her viewers engaged, incorporating her brand. Like Thorpe's YouTube channel, her website is filled with creativity and colors. That is what her branding represents, as mentioned in her YouTube bio "Stumbling through life one pixel at a time." Moreover, her website shows her popular tutorials, which is very convenient.

Alice Thorpe

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is popularly known for turning his family's Liquor business into one of the big e-commerce websites. He is active on all social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. His personal branding revolves around his humble beginning to a successful life. His official website mentions his achievements, blog, and offerings, among others, are displayed quite effectively on the homepage using Yellow, black and white colors.

Bill Nye

Bill Nye, generally known as the Science Guy, has a successful and long-running career. His way of spreading knowledge consists of dad jokes and humor, which all incorporate Nye's personal branding. His official website welcomes the audience with a science quote, and the rest of what follows is a mix of the comic and science-inspired homepage. All of which depict the personal branding of Bill Nye perfectly.

Marie Forleo

Marie's site is a good example of personal branding done right. She is a successful figure and entrepreneur with an audience in more than 200 countries. Her website is trendy, and the homepage acts as her portfolio. Even though the homepage is full of happenings, the properly optimized design depicts Marie's personality perfectly. Marie Forleo has a business school named B-School, and her homepage shows success stories of her customers, and this is an excellent example of promotion on a site homepage.

Marie Forleo

Mel Abraham

Mel Abraham is a well-known entrepreneur, author, and trainer, which his website perfectly captures. His seminars are always filled with many audience members who follow Abraham's work. Mel Abraham's way of speaking and confidence is an integral part of his personal branding. Mel's website uses a modern color palette of yellow and white with some black highlights. The homepage includes his work, a link to his training, and videos from his YouTube channel. At the top of the site, you can see a window with the latest podcast and play it on the site.

Mel Abraham

Mark Manson

Mark Manson is the author of some best-seller books and a popular internet personality. Many like his way of writing because it is without any filters, which helps Manson reach more than one million audiences per month through his blog and YouTube channel. He started his career by writing a blog, then eventually moved to books. Manson's way of explaining things about self-help without holding back anything is an integral part of his personal branding. His site is simple, with a clickable button for subscriptions and a blog for the audience. He offers his free ebooks, which you can choose by clicking on an icon with an interesting theme.

Casey Neistat

Casey is one of the famous YouTubers and one of the early creators of the Vlogging scene. His motto, "Do what you can't," is his personal branding that personifies his simple site. His website's color theme and look are pretty simple, often redirecting to the more interesting places and messages.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish's website depicts her personal branding on-point. Just like she experiments with different things in music, the site experiments with many different types of content. The homepage is filled with Billie's music, videos, and customized merch, among other things.

Nicholas Kusmich

Nicholas is quite famous in the tech industry, especially in digital marketing. He is a trainer, author, and Facebook Ads Guru. His website's homepage features clients' testimonials, a link to his free, paid training, and some videos and pictures of him sporting a wide smile. All of this cumulates into Nicholas's personal brand, a smiling personality with a successful track record in digital marketing.

Nicholas Kusmich

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is another famous self-help guru and author. He focuses on changing the mindset of employers and employees, for which he offers many courses, including Ferriss's personal brand. The homepage of his website is a clean and simple blog, along with other offerings and links to his podcasts.

Gari Cruze

Gari Cruze is an accomplished copywriter, and it is his brand too. And his website perfectly tells why he excels at it. The homepage welcomes the audience with pictures, and upon hovering over it, it will show the campaigns he worked on. It is a great personal branding method that lets visitors familiarize themselves with Gari Cruze's work.

Gari Cruze

Sean O'Brien

Sean O'Brien is a 10-time surfboarding champion from Australia, which his site uses as a brand. The website is short but has all the requirements of a great personal branding site. Brien's website is modern and filled with animations. From the site's logo to text to the content it accumulates, creating one of the best personal branding websites.

Charli Marie

Charli Marie is a modern designer,writer and YouTuber. Her official website completely captures the essence of personal branding. The website has an aesthetic tone of purple and white, with services popping up to the audience. Charli Marie's site is a hub where people can learn about her skills and what she has been working on. That is the perfect example of a personal brand done right.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has many interests, like cooking, designing, and gardening, which are part of her personal brand. Her website is sleek and consists of gray and white colors with black text. The homepage is filled with a lot of content for her audience.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is a well-known celebrity, with her hands in multiple ventures like acting, writing, and producing. Her humor and comedic timings are integral to her personal brand, which her site captures on-point. The homepage is modern, combined with sky blue and white. The written text on the site is filled with humor and jokes, perfectly capturing Mindy Kaling's brand essence.

Adam Enfroy

Adam is quite famous among the blogging community, with a monthly audience reaches over 600,000 monthly readers. Adam takes his blogging brand as a startup, taking inspiration and implementing similar practices. His website is basic with all Enfroy's offerings that make him a brand.

Lior Raz

Lior Raz is an actor and writer best known for creating the series "Fauda." His one-page website perfectly showcases what his brand is all about: acting. The Homepage of Lior Raz's website represents his photos with different topics, which change in a scroll.

JR Taylor

JR Taylor is a famous choreographer with a portfolio of working with some popular celebrities like Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez, among others. The JR Taylor personal website personifies what his choreography is all about. His website's main section is filled with dance performances and some merchandise.

David Milan

David Milan is an accomplished 3D artist and designer, having worked for some top companies and celebrities. His website itself is a piece of art. What could be better than showcasing your portfolio as art itself? The website's content is filled with unique designs, showcasing his personality to the audience.

David Milan

Dr. Gilbert Simon

Dr. Gilbert Simon is a physician, advocate, and author. His website is straightforward in design and uses white, black, and light blue as an accent perfectly. The homepage of Simon's site showcases his work, a link to his YouTube channel, and Amazon for purchasing his book. A simple yet effective website showcases Gilbert Simon's brand's values, vision, and offerings.

K. Sparks

K. Sparks, aka Kyle Andre Hunter: musician, lyricist, performer. His website is filled with personal branding. He shares everything related to his brand, like beats, Behind the scenes, music inspirations, and songs, among other things. The Homepage of K. Sparks' website is a portrait picture with a menu targeting the audience to his work. The content of the website is minimalistic and on-point. K. Sparks' website is a great example of using its brand as a portfolio.

Libby Peterson

Libby Peterson is a New York-based Journalist. Unlike other personal branding sites in this list, Libby Peterson's site does not focus on her pictures. Still, it highlights her attractive working table and published work in different mediums. The Homepage of Libby Peterson's website is full of colors, and her portfolio is prominent for the audience to notice.

Louise Amelie Whitehouse

Louise Amelia Whitehouse is a storyteller and a photographer. The website displays many photographs taken by Louise Amelia Whitehouse around the world. And the simple yet attractive layout design of the website leaves the visitor with a long-lasting impression of her works.

Louise Amelie Whitehouse

How do you brand yourself?

In this current era of advertisement, personal branding with the right strategies and implementation can help you win clients. But it can get quite overwhelming and confusing if you start to take the first step in creating a brand for yourself without proper guidance. Follow these points to make a successful brand for yourself to increase your reach and win over the audience.

  • Define your brand values

Before creating a brand for yourself, you must be very clear about the services and values you will provide. Find your strengths, skills, and talents and what makes them stand out.

  • Understand your audience

Understanding your audience is an integral part of any brand to find success. You must know how your skills can attract a potential audience. Knowing your brand's audience can help you make and implement strategies effectively.

  • Find a unique pitch

Be very specific in your niche regarding what services you are providing. Understanding your competitors gives you a better idea about what you can offer that they don't. It can help build the foundation for your brand.

  • Build a portfolio

Finding clients without a proven portfolio can be quite difficult in this day and age. Use social media platforms to promote and target audiences for your services. Blog (if your brand allows) is also a great way to win over audience trust by publishing articles related to your skills.

  • Start networking

Connect with people who are relevant to your brand. It can be competitors, potential customers, or famous personalities in similar fields. Reach out to them for collaboration to increase your brand's awareness and credibility.

  • Ask for feedback

Feedback is a great way to let your audience interact with you and help your brand find improvement areas. No matter how big the personal brand gets, feedback from the audience, ways matter. That is the reason almost all big brands prioritize customer experience above all.

Who has a great personal brand?

The definition of great personal branding varies from individual to business. A personal brand is how an individual represents themselves, talk, and behave. Almost all popular personalities in the world, like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, have their own personal brand and attitude with which they can be identified. Their brand is not the product they made but how they each represent the product while interacting with the audience, providing the results, and carrying themselves in front of a large audience. Let's dive deep into one life of one of the famous personalities and currently the world's richest individual "Elon Musk" and what we can learn from him.


Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla, SpaceX, and the Boring Company. His ambitions are to achieve what never has been achieved before. This approach made him the most distinctive brand and the richest person worldwide.


Being an important figure in the world comes with some perks, as people listen closely to what you have to say, which Elon Musk utilizes perfectly. Besides his social media presence, Musk is quite interactive with the audience during seminars or live sessions, and his followers love his humor.


What made Elon Musk a household name is not just his talking but the consistency of work and delivery that he promised. Whether it's a completely automatic-car, reusable Rockets, or a satellite that provides crazy-speed internet, Musk delivered what many believed was impossible. People believe in a brand who not claims but provides what it claims.


Lack of consistency can overthrow your personal brand, no matter how successful it is right now. Elon Musk's never-stopping attitude in providing products or solutions that were never possible made him the brand he is.


There comes the point when people look up to the next thing, no matter how popular or achieved your brand is. We, as human beings, are always looking for something new. That is what Elon Musk understands perfectly. His continuous innovative ideas and their implementations result in what he is today.

What is the most effective personal branding strategy?

Just like every other brand, your personal branding needs a strategy to find success. These are the best strategies to make your brand stand out from the competition.

  • Have a clear vision

You should be clear about what you want to focus on as a brand. Nowadays, people like to jump around things too quickly with the bare minimum of time given to their brand. This behavior can lead an individual to become a "Jack of all trades, master of none." Setting goals and having a clear message about your brand to your audience and yourself is the first step to successful personal branding.

  • Be transparent

Transparency with the potential audience of your brand can lead it to greater heights. Most people do not rely on a shady brand without much of the information given. Be very clear about your brand, what it provides, and how it provides and how it is unique from the competition to gain the audience's trust.

  • Tell a story

Telling a story through your brand is a very successful way to engage customers. The story could relate to your brand's origin, how you are distinctive from others, or why they should use your brand. We, as human beings, love stories that connect with us or solve our problems. Find a striking balance and create your own brand story.

  • Social media is the key

Whether your personal brand involves a website, an application, or any other mode, using social media effectively is crucial to finding success. Find out how you can promote your brand. Social media for giveaways can earn an early audience if it's a paid application. For service providers, through their websites, blogging and making videos on YouTube related to your brand can make you easier to find. Using Ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other famous social media sites/applications is a great way to boost your reach.

  • Know your competitors

Understanding your direct and indirect competitor's strategies and their reason for success is integral to creating a successful personal brand. After setting goals, find the gap between your competitor's offerings and what you can do to fulfill them. If the competitor excels at a particular point that your brand can not, find an alternative way to tackle this situation. Promote what you can do better than your competition and why the audience should give you a chance.

  • You are the brand!

Integrate your brand into your life. You should be your brand's first and most dedicated user before anyone else. Always remember that you are the brand. The audiences you are trying to target the first measure how you talk, carry yourself, and are confident in the brand you sell.


In this detailed guide, we have listed everything required to create personal branding correctly and effectively. As we can see, the more ways to spread your personal branding, the better you can use websites, mobile applications, social media, e.t.c. If you want to represent your personal branding through mobile applications, it is very important to be involved in all stages of creating mobile applications. Or even better, it is to create by yourself, and you can do this even if you don't have coding knowledge; no-code platforms like AppMaster can give you that chance. This no-code platform allows you to make mobile applications without coding! But if you want to get away from the platform, you also can do this just get the source code of your application, as well as documentation for it, which is written automatically.