Yugabyte recently unveiled YugabyteDB 2.18, the latest update for their open-source distributed SQL database, featuring multiregion Kubernetes support and various other enhancements. The update is already in general availability and extends the capabilities of their self-managed, database-as-a-service offering, YugabyteDB Anywhere.

In order to simplify multiregion, multicluster Kubernetes deployments for enterprises, Yugabyte has introduced enhancements such as support for shared namespaces, incremental backups, and backup speeds that are up to five times faster than before. With the combination of YugabyteDB's native synchronous replication and Kubernetes Multicluster Service (MCS) APIs, deployment management becomes much easier.

For enterprises requiring a standard two-datacenter configuration, Yugabyte now offers xCluster asynchronous replication for Kubernetes. Support for Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) has also been added to expand the range of orchestration platforms available.

Another highlight of the YugabyteDB 2.18 update is the inclusion of an intelligent performance advisor for YugabyteDB Anywhere. This feature optimizes indexes, queries, and schema, improving overall database performance. Additionally, the update includes security enhancements and a point-in-time recovery feature for granular recovery.

Yugabyte has also announced the general availability of collocated tables, new query pushdowns, and scheduled full compactions, which improve performance across diverse workloads. YugabyteDB supports the collocation of SQL tables, allowing closely related data in collocated tables to be stored together in a single parent tablet, called the 'colocation tablet.'

According to Yugabyte, colocation helps optimize low-latency, high-performance data access by minimizing the need for additional network trips. It also reduces the overhead of creating a tablet for every relation (tables, indexes, etc.) and the storage needed for these per node. Scheduled full compactions contribute to better data access performance while using reduced storage space.

YugabyteDB 2.18 positions itself as a powerful open-source distributed SQL database solution, especially for organizations exploring low-code and no-code app development. With its new features, enterprises can now easily manage multiregion, multicluster Kubernetes deployments while also enjoying improved performance, database security, and ease of use.

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