Why the majority of no-code tools are only good for MVPs?

Why the majority of no-code tools are only good for MVPs?

MVP or Minimum Viable Product is the first and simplest version of the product for the target audience. The idea is to test the functionality and evaluate the performance of your product concept. Based on the feedback, the general understanding of the value and people’s willingness to pay for the product is created, which gives the plan for further development.

MVP with no-code

There are 3 main benefits of creating an MVP with no-code:

1. Independence

This means giving up technical engineers when creating the first product. Anyone with an understanding of the assignment can create a pilot project.

2. Rapidity

Since no-code platforms eliminate the need to write code, this saves time spent on development.

3. Testing

With the help of no-code platforms, you can quickly create and publish a pilot version of a product. If the MVP fails, then you can create and publish a new project on the same day and at the same speed.

Why is no-code is usually only for MVP?

The product always required to be developed further after MVP, but the majority of no-code platforms, unfortunately, are not yet able to help with this due to several aspects:

1. Limited options

No-code solutions are simple, all functions are limited to the proposed settings and templates on the platform. It is simply impossible to develop a unique product due to the limited choice of themes, functions, and settings.

2. Binding to the no-code platform

Creating an MVP on a specific platform automatically takes away the developer's ability to create a project individually or transfer it to another platform. The product will always be limited in functionality, work, and integrations only within the platform. Also, to retain users, most platforms do not generate source code or make it so confusing that it is almost impossible to modify the project outside the platform.

3. Safety

A product built on no-code will always be part of the platform. The creator does not have complete control over the project, full access to the source code and the dataset. Any violations or problems on the platform can affect the functions and further existence of the project as well.

How do we do it in Appmaster.io?

Appmaster.io is not the first no-code platform, but it was created taking into account all the errors and shortcomings of existing solutions. The platform is not based on templates and does not restrict the user to only predefined functions. Users can truly implement any functionality, because of the business process editor, where any capability can be implemented using simple visual blocks. Of course, the platform provides the ability to quickly create web and native mobile applications with the ability to change the appearance and functionality after publication, as well as a huge amount of additional functionality to maintain applications during their use.

As soon as the user has created business processes and designed the interface, the platform writes the source code of the entire application (yes! exactly the source code!), then collects and uploads it to your server - this is far from being an MVP, but a full-fledged product.#nbsp;

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