No-code tools are special applications that propose a library of pre-build modules to construct your app without any line of code. They have human-friendly interfaces with ready widgets, blocks, UI elements. It is like lego for app creation. These solutions help any business automize routine processes.

Profits of no-code usage for non-technical employees

This article gathered the main reasons why no-code apps and tools should be involved among your employees as everyday instruments.

Quick entry into app-building

Studying programming takes much time, years of theory and practice. Business is something that needs operative decisions on the quickly developing market. So you cannot wait for your employee growth to become even a front-end developer. But maintaining your own IT department or taking the services of freelance developers often leads to the loss of money, missed deadlines, nerves, sleepless nights, and instability of the built application.

No-code tools and platforms create an excellent opportunity to enter the app-building without studying code. An employee can usually read the documentation and build the first app for several evenings. And this application can be implemented into your business immediately. It is a hundred times quicker entry to app creations!

If you do not have employees on staff who are ready to devote their time to immersion in no-code now, you can use the services of no-code developers. No-code developers can collaborate with your non-technical employees on projects to get the best result in the short term. Their work will cost less money than the work of an entire full-cycle development team.

The popularity of no-code is rising, the number of no-code developers is snowballing, so we created, a unique no-code platform for building applications of any complexity. Since this is a professional tool, your employee who will build the application should have basic development knowledge. Still, even with a bit of experience, he can create a "new Facebook" in a month using the resources of Studio! Alternatively, you can use the services of our no-code developers in collaboration with your employees, who will guide the application building process.

App-building speed

The average speed for an experienced developer to write code is 500 lines of code per day. A programmer spends 10-20% of his time writing code directly and the remaining 90% of his time thinking, researching, and experimenting to find the best solution.

The no-code platforms already have templates with the most popular solutions. On some platforms, the code is partially generated by artificial intelligence in real-time. It means that using no-code technologies gives your employees the ability to create a simple business application in just one evening. Your employee or your employee with a no-code developer can create a more complex application in a month. Still, it will be a multifunctional solution, for example, an extensive order management system (CRM, OMS), a new social network, or a similar complex project.

Not every platform without code has all the necessary technologies and modules for such a complex project, but does. We use GoLang as the primary language for our internal kitchen, so generates 22,000 lines of code per second! This speed allows ultra-fast real-time backend and frontend editing. In addition, we have over 40 modules and integrations with popular services that you can choose as the basis for your application. Our clients receive stable applications at least ten times faster (in practice, a hundred times faster) than it would be with the classical approach to development.

Budget economy

No-code development platforms save money for business by:

  • the low cost of building and maintaining no-code apps;
  • easy-to-implement edits in the ordinary workflow, which higher the loyalty of your clients (for example, with, you can put changes into your application even every second without a need to understand the old code every time and rebuild vast amounts of data from the beginning);
  • automating business processes and simplifying routine handle tasks that will free your employees for another type of creative and mind work;
  • making your company more effective and profitable with a higher speed of problem-solving and excluding human factors;
  • statistics generation to correct your actions and goals in the business process.

Here, for an example of the economic benefits of no-code technologies, you can read and Autodesk distributor case of 10 times budget economy for the creation and launching automated order management system.

Workflow optimization

No-code tools can raise the general company culture and motivation of teams.

No-code technology helps employees automate their workflows and reduces human-factor errors. Employees have extra time for experimentation and professional growth with the implementation of no-code tools into their workflow, which leads to higher overall productivity.

No-code tools give an outstanding possibility to control the work and results. No-code platforms help to track all work actions and processes. The number of hours employees spend on each project will be monitored. Statistics improve efficiency and enhance the work quality of employees. With a no-code platform, employees can change business processes and workflow details without any help from IT specialists.

We also try to make your application creation and use process comfortable. With, you can get a water-mark free app and certify it because you have access to the source code. You can use it as totally your application. Applications built on our platform can be hosted on your server and in our Cloud (APMS). It is a unique feature of that takes legal and security concerns away from you while creating and using an application.

Efficiency growth

No-code technology motivates employees to become a part of the app-building process and dive into collaborations. No-code tools help people work more with people and less with documents and machines. As a result, employees become better managers, communicators, client-oriented specialists. These benefits lead to higher income, a better reputation, and a broader client base for your company.

No-code technology frees the time and hands of employees for modernizing the company. It raises the company's productivity and improves results. The business goals will be gained much quicker than with handling standard workflow. Your employees will not suffer from the problems of full-cycle development and the complexity of making changes; they will be able to use a simple and effective tool and focus on innovations and growth.

Client care and additional bonuses

No-code platforms give a wide range of additional support and possibilities while using it. For example, has a Health Care Monitor and a real-time bug report system (log journal) that allows your employees to make any changes and corrections unbelievably quickly. Also, we have chat support, the possibility to set up enormous bots and robots into your project, push notifications, social auth, email, integration with hundreds of other popular apps and services that your employees use daily. You get an all-in-one solution for your team that makes your workflow easy. It is a no-code platform with a human-friendly interface.


No-code platforms give an all-in-one solution to the complex problems of your non-technical employees and have a great list of positive features for its common usage in your team:

  • quick entry into app-building;
  • high app-building speed;
  • budget economy;
  • workflow automatization and optimization;
  • business efficiency and stable result growth;
  • the wide range of additional standard and custom services with great support and quick solving of issues.

No-code is the most relatable business future technology that is unstoppably developing and available for you right now. You can try all these benefits today with