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Growth Hacks to Boost Installs of Your No-Code App – How to Grow Your App to Over 250k Downloads

Growth Hacks to Boost Installs of Your No-Code App – How to Grow Your App to Over 250k Downloads

Hacks, Strategies & Useful Techniques to Boost Your Apps Downloads

Creating an app without a developer is easy. The difficult part is getting a higher number of downloads or growth on your app. If you have the right knowledge on attracting your users, your number of downloads will be very high. Following are the tips to increase the growth of your app:

Stress on the problem your app is solving

Focus on creating an app that solves a particular problem. After developing the app, ensure that the app's title on the Play Store or App store addresses the problem you are solving. This hack will help the user to find your app when searching for a solution to the problem.

Have an attractive app icon

The icon is the users' first impression. Make sure that the icon you choose for your app is attractive and conveys the complete message about what it offers.


One hack that you must try is monetizing your apps. Usually, on Play Store, Google will increase the ranking of apps that are monetized.


Focus on Niche

Searching for the right niche is especially important in the growth of the application or site. When you are addressing or solving a problem you need to understand how a lay person will search the app for the solution to the problem he is facing. Many technical terms are unknown to thousands of individuals. Like if they want to search for audio to text converter app. Most probably, they will not type the transcription app. All they will search for is an audio-to-text converter app. If you use the right niche in your title, your app growth will get a high number of downloads.

Using email to have permanent users

An email is important in the growth of your app's customer service. Using email, you can communicate with your app users. Especially the users that are new to your app or site. You can send an email on the new sign-up and the users' first purchase from your app. This way, you will send positive vibes to your new users, making them revisit your application. Hence growing your app progress. The email can also be used to inform the customers about the new product or discount you are offering on your site.



The giveaways are among the smart growth hacking app strategies that can be used to get a lot of users on your application or site. Planning your giveaway is a crucial part. Make sure that you do not give away a lot of money. The strategy is to get high traffic or users on your site and application. The most common approaches are Free trials for a month, free textbooks, and a 50% discount for new users. Through this, you can convince your users to share your app on social media or get them to create an account on your site.


Having the autoresponder will make you look like a professional. All the apps or sites with high market growth use autoresponder. If you have blogging skills, you need to ensure that customers read your blog on the app site. Having useful content in autoresponder is a trick in growth hacking that can get you a lot of subscribers on your site. One more thing you can add to the autoresponder is to convince the new visitor to sign up for your app. Ensure you add direct download links in your autoresponder.

Add an attractive referral system

The referral system is the modern growth hacking app technique. Using a referral system, you use your customer to get new app users. Sounds complicated but very effective for growth. In modern referral systems, a user will refer your app to his friend or family. When his friend or family signs up using the referral code, both parties will get money, and you will have new users. Make sure that you add direct download links in your referral system. This way, the new person can easily get your app.

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Promotion through an influencer

Influencers are social media stars that have thousands or millions of subscribers. If you want your app to have a high number of downloads, you can get your app promoted through a social media influencer. Suppose you are doing a start-up and do not have a big budget. Ask them to put the post that has direct download links to your app on their social media site for one day. Their fans are very loyal, and if they recommend a product, they will probably try it.


One thing you should keep in your mind while using this growth hacking is that you need to make sure that your app is working perfectly; if the new downloads app has lag or any type of glitches. Most probably, he will not use your application again.


How do you hack your app growth?

The term hack is not literal when used in growth hacking apps. The term is used to let people know that the tricks are so effective that ordinary people will feel that you are using some kind of hacks to get such growth of downloads on your site. That is why most of the blogs you read on different sites use the term hack.

To increase the growth of installs on your apps, follow the guidelines given on the article site. The basic summary is that you are advertising correctly about the solutions your app offers.

How do I boost app installs?

Having an attractive title and icon is very necessary for the growth of downloads. The more traffic you have, the more growth your app will get. If you compare your app with other apps, you will understand why some are growing rapidly, and some have very slow growth.

How can I make money with no code?

Using no code, you can easily create apps without any developer. Now you can do the following to earn money.

  • After creating the app, you can put a one-time subscription fee for installs on the play store or App store.
  • Have a monthly subscription fee for your app services.
  • Promote your business through your app. Like if you own a retail store, you can create an app for your local area where people can see and buy multiple products.

make money with no code

How to increase IOS app installation?

Increasing installs on IOS is tricky. For a great growth of installs, you need to have a productive app and attractive tile. Moreover, monetize your product and try the different promoting platforms.

How do you encourage people to download apps?

By offering the solution to a complicated task, you will probably get a lot of installs. However, make sure that your icon displays the solution that you want to provide.

How do I increase app installs on Facebook?

Facebook offers advertising for the apps. You can register your app in the advertising section, and they will promote your app through Facebook. You can get great growth in installs by using Facebook advertising.

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