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Betty Blocks vs AppMaster

Betty Blocks vs AppMaster

No-code and low-code platforms are increasingly the most accessible and fastest solution when it comes to development. No-code technologies are developing so fast that many tasks can be performed much more profitable and better with the help of such tools than by hiring a development team. This article will compare two popular platforms - Betty Blocks and AppMaster. We will describe their pros and cons and analyze for what purposes which platform is more suitable.

What is AppMaster?

AppMaster.io is a no-code platform that allows you to create full-stack applications for web and mobile. The platform does not require deep programming knowledge and experience in writing software and is intuitively simple for users of any level of preparedness. AppMaster also allows you to download the source code for further work.

What is Betty Blocks?

Betty Blocks is a full-cycle no-code development platform that allows you to build mobile, web, and back-end applications. An intuitive interface and ease of use.


Let's start with databases. Any application requires a database and a system that regulates the behavior of data among themselves. Both platforms support the creation and editing of databases and data flow. The ability to create, integrate, or use and manage external databases is one of the key features that an app builder should have.

Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks allows you to create data models and interact with them. Betty Blocks supports NoSql databases. The interface for creating and managing data models is intuitive for everyone, which makes development elementary.

Betty Blocks

You may include data from systems outside of the Betty Blocks platform. This way, you can be sure that you get the data you need for your application. The data can be included in your application to provide the necessary details to support your business needs. Once you have determined the required data, you can create an API connection that reflects specific information in your application. In your application's data model, you can create one (or more?) models linked to your user interface via the Pages module. Thus, you can create applications according to business needs.

Betty Blocks


In AppMaster, databases are edited in the Data Models Designer. The process of building tables is intuitive to anyone. Fields for each table are configured explicitly; you just need to specify the field type name. And by dragging arrows from one table to another, you can explicitly specify relationships between tables.

app builder

Business logic

Betty Blocks

In Betty Blocks, business logic is built using action blocks. Each block represents a particular logical event that leads to specific results. It looks like this:

Betty Blocks business logic

In the editor, these functions are defined as events. An action consists of a start marker and an end marker, with a series of events in between. The order in which the events are applied corresponds to the logical flow of the workflow. Each event has its purpose, some of which affect the course of the action..


The key difference between the database in AppMaster.io is the use of a visual database designer, where schemes are built from blocks with their own set of fields. The main advantage of this approach is that the diagram immediately shows all the database tables and the relationships between them. Blocks can be freely moved around the workspace and arranged in the desired order. You need to stretch the arrow from one block to another to link the models together. All blocks are easy to move and connect. With the help of AppMaster.io, you can build the logic of any complexity and create a wide variety of services.

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Web applications

Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks allows users to build a front-end application consisting of visual and functional components. Components can be dragged to create a web interface, and logic diagrams are assembled similarly to the backend. A distinctive feature is the flexibility to customize component styles, as shown below.

Betty Blocks

In addition, users are provided with a convenient opportunity to create front-end applications using built-in templates.

 Betty blocks


No-code platform AppMaster.io uses drag & drop technology to build the visual component of a web application. AppMaster separates mobile and web applications, and in this block, we will focus on web applications.

The web application editor consists of several functional blocks:

  • A field with components that can be used for the available content of the page. For example, tables, views, buttons, etc.
  • Field with pages and their settings
  • The working area of ​​the page where components are dragged

Each component is configured individually using a simple and intuitive interface.


It is also possible to integrate the backend of an application built on AppMaster with any custom frontend.

Mobile application

Betty Blocks

Not supported by Betty Blocks.


AppMaster enables users to develop simple native applications. The principle of working with mobile applications is identical to the direction of assembling web applications described above. Similarly, the workspace can be divided into several parts:

  • Pages and their settings
  • Functional widgets that can be dragged onto the application workspace
  • The workspace itself (canvas)
  • Page and Widget Settings Panel
  • Application settings tabs, actions, and business processes

A distinctive feature is the ability to flexibly configure application actions and the ability to build business processes for various events, such as the start of charging a mobile phone.

app builder


Betty Blocks

3 main billing plans:

  • Free Trial
  • Standard
  • Enterprise


Five main tariff plans:

  • Trial - free, 14-day access to the product (doubles everything in Explore below).
  • Explore - from $5 per month. Includes one web application, one mobile application, one user in a team, up to 3 modules installed simultaneously, and external API requests.
  • Startup - from $165 per month. Includes: 2 web applications, one mobile application, three users in a team, up to 5 modules installed simultaneously, external API requests, and the ability to export databases and file storage.
  • Business - from $855 per month. Includes: 3 web applications, two mobile applications, five users in a team, up to 10 modules installed simultaneously, external API requests, the ability to export databases and file storage, access to docker images and binaries of generated applications.
  • Enterprise - upon request and agreement with AppMaster.

Among other things, AppMaster introduced the Earn Credits program. So, for example, for leaving a review or any other action that is useful to the AppMaster team, you can earn an amount sufficient for subscriptions to the service.

Also, the AppMaster community provides special subscriptions for non-profit organizations and students.

Final thoughts

Thus, although Betty Blocks and AppMaster specialize in the same market, AppMaster provides more opportunities for its users. And the affordable price of subscriptions makes it an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any no-code developer.

Sign up for the AppMaster platform and create your app today. 

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