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Developed: Customer portal, Server app, Admin panel
Market segments: Software, Healthcare
Company Size: 1-50 employees
Use Cases: Healthcare automation

Backend generated using AppMaster has reduced the budget to create the solution by 70%.

Consentogram is a US healthcare startup focused on automating informed consent delivery. The solution expands the functionality of existing Electronic Health Record Systems (EHR) and offers seamless integration into existing clinical workflows.

The company's office is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Consentogram believes in emphasizing patient-centered care and shared decision making between patients, their families, and providers. A transparent patient-provider communication process allows patients to make better decisions about care.

The idea was to create an AI-assisted informed consent delivery system at the point of care, clinical decision support (CDS), and real-time ML-based malpractice risk reduction for providers. The main goal was to create value by empowering providers with the best possible tools that could improve the quality of care while easing the administrative burden.

The platform leverages modern healthcare interoperability standards, including FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), to enhance existing EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems with digital informed consent workflows.


For several weeks, the AppMaster Professional Services team has been developing a solution for the customer, releasing several test versions per day.

The backend of the developed service is integrated with the EHR systems of medical hospitals and is connected using the FHIR protocol, which allows seamless integration of multiple medical systems and receiving information about patients, doctors, and current activities.


The first fully working implementation with full EHR integration was launched within 4 weeks.

AppMaster's professional services team has been able to reduce development time in half by using AppMaster to generate a backend. The budget to create the solution was reduced by 70%.

AppMaster came in and helped us create the solution. They worked within our budget, helped keep us on track, & delivered it as promised in 3 weeks time.

The availability of the source code facilitated EHR integration and allowed the customer to run the solution in a cloud environment that complies with HIPAA and HITECH. 

Components: Backend, Web Application, Webhooks, OAuth v2, requests to external APIs, Source Code export, hosting the application in the customer's infrastructure, Custom Frontend.

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