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Developed: Admin panel, Server app
Market segments: Tourism
Company Size: 1-50 employees
Use Cases: Business logic automation, Online Data Service

It took us about two weeks to independently assemble the prototype, close to what we had been developing for the last eight months

EMIS is an online service for an automatic transfer of hotel visitors’ data to the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. The project was launched in 2019 to simplify the operation of hotels with the procedure for transferring data to the Main Directorate for Migration Issues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It now has more than 500 clients across the country and manages more than 2,000 requests per day.

Problem: dealing with developers

For quite a while, the EMIS service has been developed using the usual methods of hiring developers. However, this method had its drawbacks. It was hard to find quality developers in the post-pandemic environment, the budget was often overpassed, and it was hard to keep up with the technical debt.

During the project development process, we encountered fairly frequent problems such as competition for the best developers, lack of funding, and technical debt, because of the constant need to make changes to the initial plan of the product. After 8 months, the need to simplify and speed up the EMIS service development became a must.
Nataliya Egorova, COO

Solution: business logic automation on

At the beginning of 2021, the EMIS development team tried out the no-code platform

It took us about two weeks to figure out the functionality of and independently assemble the prototype, close to what we had been developing for the last eight months.
Dmitry Reyson, CTO

The company has developed multiple workflows with custom business processes to parse, analyze, and send data to the Federal Migration Service without writing any code.

Results: flexible, fast backend for a fraction of the price

After several weeks of testing, the service was certified on the platform and launched. EMIS needed to deploy the application on their servers to pass regulatory requirements, so that was what set the platform apart for them.

With the, we can export the source code and binaries, pass the necessary certifications and place the final product on secure servers. It’s also great that we can modify the business logic at any time, and publish the new version within minutes without worrying about quality control.
Dmitry Reyson, CTO

Currently, only the EMIS backend is generated by However, as the platform improves and adds more components, the project team also plans to transfer the frontend to

Without this no-code platform, we would have spent more money, and development would have taken over a year.
Nataliya Egorova, COO
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