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Developed: Server app
Market segments: Finance
Company Size: 1-50 employees
Use Cases: Mission-critical system

Among all the no-code platforms, AppMaster was the only one found suitable, as it initially required source code to conduct a PCI-DSS compliance audit.

Whillet is a fintech enabler offering embedded finance solutions for various platforms, enabling them to integrate financial services like bank accounts and wallets easily. We serve sectors including marketplaces, retail, telecom, and insurance, providing key services like customer loyalty programs, split payments, and convenient freelancer payment solutions.


Develop a comprehensive SaaS solution for facilitating fund transfers among car dealers in the USA.



The work was carried out over several months by the Whillet team with consultations from the AppMaster ProService team. The project included direct integration with several banks and analytical systems. Thanks to the use of Go to generate the backend and the PostgreSQL DBMS, there are very large scaling opportunities.

Many unique features of the platform are used: improved cryptography with AES encryption and ECDSA signatures, transactions in the DBMS, connectors to third-party systems, and an advanced event logging system, as well as built-in WebSockets for real-time notifications.


With the no-code platform, we could implement the BaaS solution 4x times faster than similar projects, saving more than 50% of the allocated budget. We also successfully signed a contract with a bank partner, enabled VISA's rails, passed the audit, and launched the system.

The AppMaster no-code platform allows us to release several new versions of our application per day and automatically deploy it to our own servers/private cloud using docker containers.

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