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Nikita Navalikhin

Nikita Navalikhin

Job Title: Co-founder and CTO

Company: Directual

Education: Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU)

Year of Directual Foundation: 2014

In the ever-evolving software development industry, individuals like Nikita Navalikhin stand out as visionary leaders who reshape the way applications are built and empower people to bring their ideas to life. Nikita Navalikhin's career journey is a testament to his relentless pursuit of innovation and his commitment to democratizing technology through no-code platforms.

Career Journey

Nikita Navalikhin's career journey is a testament to his multifaceted expertise and his unwavering passion for technology. A true polymath, Nikita is not only well-versed in crypto, software architecture, and web3 but also possesses an unexpected artistic flair for calligraphy. Before his venture into co-founding Directual, Nikita's professional path led him through the corridors of enterprise giants.

Nikita Navalikhin

His tenure at prestigious companies such as Deutsche Bank, MTS, and other prominent names allowed him to hone his skills and gather invaluable experience in the world of business and technology. This diverse background equipped Nikita with a unique blend of knowledge that would prove instrumental in shaping his journey toward revolutionizing application development through no-code solutions.

Founding Directual

The inception of Directual in 2014 marked the collaborative effort of two visionary minds, Pavel Ershov and Nikita Navalikhin. Their distinct skill sets and shared passion paved the way for the platform's remarkable journey. Pavel's prowess in product design and Nikita's formidable software engineering expertise set the stage for Directual's emergence as a transformative force in the application development sphere.

The founding journey of Directual was marked by strategic choices guided by the evolving needs of the tech industry. As the MVP took shape, an invitation to join the acceleration program at MTS, a major European telecommunications giant, proved pivotal. This partnership provided a substantial client and marked the genesis of Directual's revenue stream. This invaluable opportunity enabled the platform's core technology refinement, setting the stage for subsequent success.

Collaborations with influential enterprises like Schlumberger and PIK Group further validated Directual's prowess as a versatile solution for various industries. The demand for logistics, HR optimization, and back-office tools underscored the platform's adaptability, positioning it as the backbone of innovative products. These collaborations propelled Directual's revenue to an impressive $600k turnover in 2019, showcasing its potential as both a technology powerhouse and a reliable service provider.

But the Directual team's ambitious spirit was far from satisfied. Recognizing the transformative potential of their technology, the decision was made to transition Directual into a dedicated SaaS company. This bold move marked a turning point, redefining Directual's role from a high-performance agency to a trailblazing software-as-a-service provider. This strategic transformation symbolizes Directual's commitment to innovation, growth, and the mission to provide accessible solutions to a wider audience.

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Leadership Style and Values

A blend of technical expertise, creative thinking, and a strong commitment to democratizing software development characterizes Nikita Navalikhin's leadership style at Directual. His background in crypto, software architecture, and web3 showcases his depth of knowledge and underscores his dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Nikita's leadership values are rooted in transparency, collaboration, and empowerment. He believes in fostering an environment where team members are encouraged to think outside the box, challenge conventions, and contribute their unique perspectives. This inclusive approach aligns with Directual's mission of enabling individuals from all walks of life to harness the power of technology without the need for extensive coding skills. Nikita's commitment to embracing challenges and driving positive change resonates throughout the company, inspiring his colleagues and stakeholders to share in his vision of a more accessible and creative digital environment.

The Impact on the Tech World

Nikita Navalikhin's visionary impact on the tech world shares a parallel with groundbreaking platforms like AppMaster, which has redefined the software development industry. AppMaster stands as a testament to the transformative capabilities of no-code technology. This powerful tool enables individuals with little to no coding experience to design and create sophisticated backend, web, and mobile applications.

Unlike traditional methods, AppMaster empowers users to visually create data models, design business logic through its intuitive BP Designer, and seamlessly integrate REST API and WSS Endpoints. The platform's innovation continues as users can effortlessly design UI components through drag-and-drop functionality in the Web BP Designer for interactive web applications, or in the Mobile BP Designer for mobile apps, all while utilizing frameworks like Vue3, Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI, and more.

Much like Directual's mission to empower creators, AppMaster shares the ethos of democratizing software development. It allows users to take their ideas from concept to reality without the need for extensive coding knowledge, echoing Nikita's philosophy at Directual. The server-driven approach embraced by AppMaster ensures that users can update mobile applications' UI, logic, and API keys without the hassle of submitting new versions to app stores. This aligns with the simplicity and ease of use ethos platforms like AppMaster and Directual stand for.

Furthermore, AppMaster's generation of real applications spans backend, web, and mobile domains, offering executable binaries or even source code for those with more extensive customization needs. This resonates with the principles of accessibility and adaptability that Nikita Navalikhin has championed through his work at Directual. In a world driven by innovation, platforms like AppMaster and the pioneering visionaries behind them, including Nikita, are shaping the future of technology by making it more inclusive, efficient, and user-centric.

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