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Top 10 Cheap Low-Code Building Tools To Use in 2022

Top 10 Cheap Low-Code Building Tools To Use in 2022

In recent years, the popularity of low-code development platforms has grown rapidly. The low code development platforms allow businesses to develop applications without the need for expensive and time-consuming traditional development methods. A low code platform is a software that allows users to create and develop applications with little coding. It is typically used by businesses to develop internal applications, such as workflow management tools or CRM systems. Low code development platforms offer several benefits over traditional development methods. They are often faster and easier to use, require less technical expertise, and can be deployed without the need for extensive testing and debugging. There are several different low-code development platforms available, and the number is expected to grow in the coming years.

For business owners, the choice of the finest low-code platform continues to be challenging. In addition to the fact that there are many low-code platform options available, many of them have high pricing structures, making them unsuitable for some businesses. This article will assist you in determining the most affordable low-code applications that can digitally revolutionize company operations without losing quality.

What are low code development platforms?

Low-code development platforms allow developers to create software applications with just a little coding. In most cases, the program uses a graphical user interface and drag-and-drop tools to build the application. Low-code development software's popular because they enable faster development, requires less training and helps developers to work faster.

low code

Benefits of low-code development platforms

  • The low-code development coding environment enables businesses to release applications swiftly without needing to spend a whole bunch of money on extra programming.
  • The low-code platforms make it possible for applications to be developed and deployed with fewer permanent staff members.
  • Finally, low-code platforms allow industries to deploy apps for use on a variety of software and devices, including mobile, web, and cloud-based programs.

10 Cheap low code development platforms

  • Microsoft PowerApps development platform

Microsoft PowerApps is a low-code development application that allows users to build business applications without writing code. It operates on a drag-and-drop interface, allowing developers to build applications from various prebuilt parts. PowerApps is compatible with various sources of data, such as Microsoft Excel, OneDrive, and SharePoint, and can be used to connect to cloud-based data services such as Azure SQL. This software is one of the top-rated low-code resources for companies who wish to develop custom-made business applications without paying the high costs of traditional custom programming. It is giving a 30-day free trial.


PowerApps can help you develop custom applications quickly and easily without the need for coding knowledge.

You can deploy PowerApps applications to mobile devices, so your employees can work from anywhere.

PowerApps integrates with other Microsoft products like Office 365 and Dynamics 365, so you can easily add data from these products into your apps.

  • Zoho Creator development platform

Zoho Creator is one of the widest-ranging low-code software programs. It's a good option for small and medium-sized services. Alongside being low budget, the software is simple to use and provides intuitive application development services for making jobs straightforward. Developers do not have many ready-made templates to choose from, so programmers have to create some of their designs to vary the appearance of their programs. The cost of premium starts at $25 per month for professional users.


A high-performance, low-code IDE for desktops, websites, and mobile applications with the ability to function tools used in the development, deployment, and integration of applications.

Build applications quicker, easier, and at a lower cost than other traditional methods.

Extensive testing, deployment, and integration oversights. Used by thousands of organizations worldwide.

  • Visual LANSA development platform

Visual LANSA is a unique entry of low code development platform on this list because it incorporates both traditional coding and low code in the context of a single IDE. It is effective in managing time. It includes a variety of technologies to accelerate digital transformation, making it very easy to quickly design and deploy fully functional business web and mobile apps.

Presently, Visual LANSA is the leading low-code development platform environment supporting IBM integrated services. It also makes the development and deployment of complicated applications simple with support for Windows web hosting services, cloud-based services, and bridge services. Another notable advantage of LANSA is its system bridge capabilities which help businesses and users transfer existing apps written using other extensions.

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An integrated development environment: Visual LANSA provides a complete set of tools for application development, including a visual editor, debugger, and compiler. This makes it easy to get started with building applications on the platform.

A comprehensive set of libraries: Visual LANSA includes a wide range of built-in libraries that provide functionality for common enterprise tasks such as data access, security, and user interface development. This means you don't have to start from scratch when building your applications.

  • OutSystems development platform

OutSystems is an omnichannel low-code platform, which means that businesses may create apps for several mediums. Some of the platform's most coveted features include real-time performance dashboards and solid security measurements, as well as the ability for quick development.


Monitoring and reporting every app usage and performance in real-time

APIs provide for complete scalability

Completely secure functioning

DevOps automation in its entirety

Management of access and permissions

Native Agile development support

Debugging engine integrated

  • development platform

To keep your business expanding, offers the best website design, email and brand protection, social media & marketing automation tools, and hosting services. Your online identity will complement your company objectives and give a unified appearance and feel across all your online assets with the aid of this low-code platform. does not provide a free trial period: the lowest price costs at least $1.95 per month for each user.


Makes business management simpler

Can be integrated with CRM and ERP software

Provides a graphical workflow designing tool

Produce mobile forms and SharePoint sites

Comprehensive website solution

  • Appian development platform

Appian is a low-code platform that allows companies to develop custom applications quickly and with less coding. Appian applications are designed using a model-driven approach that is easy to learn and use. This low code platform empowers users to develop anything from a mobile app to an enterprise-wide system and enables small to medium-sized businesses to easily innovate while at the same time managing the entire software development lifecycle.


A dynamic drag-and-drop system

Can integrate with various business systems

It is compatible with dozens of other third-party software

  • Retool development platform

Retool is a low-code platform in which drag-and-drop building components let you create web-based internal tools while connecting them to your databases and APIs. Every plan has an edit mode that allows you to create queries and UI actions. one can connect to any database or API except Salesforce.


High degree of customization allows consumers to tailor the app design more precisely to their preferences

Efficient server-side development with a lot of drag-and-drop elements

SAML and audit logs for the best possible data security

The internal tools of the platform aren't ideal for some devices, and users may also have to know a bit of coding knowledge to get the best out of the platform. The price depends on the features users request, and it varies from enterprise to development teams. However, pricing is lower for individuals and development teams than for a single business user.

  • Salesforce Platform

With Salesforce Platform, you can build apps to do anything you want, from data gathering to marketing automation. Salesforce is one of the best platforms for developing computer software using the low-code approach. Smart mobile apps and desktop apps can be easily created with the platform's builder, which enables users to customize the customer experience they offer and deliver more value.

This low code platform enables customers to develop their software applications with little effort, so they can roll out new applications in a short period. This makes it possible for businesses to get their applications running quickly without having to devote a great deal of money to the development resources involved.


Provides a drag-and-drop interface for building applications

Comes with a collection of prebuilt modules

Comes with a selection of prebuilt components

  • Mendix

The Mendix supports any device's application development. There is an option of private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises deployment. Along with the enterprise edition, it offers the features of automatic backups and horizontal scaling.


Management of agile projects

Visual modeling software

Reusable Components

  • Kiss flow development platform

Kissflow is a low-code/no-code platform that automates business processes and tracks performance. It is appropriate for all sizes and sectors of businesses. This platform helps to initiate the process of requesting, viewing things that require user actions, and approving pending tasks. Also, It aids with many processes such as employee onboarding, timesheet management, vacation request approvals, and invoice work.

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Backlog Administration

Time Management

Weighted Performance Index

How to select the best low-code development platform?

You need the right platform if you're building an application using low-code apps. However, not all people are certain which platform to choose since this is a recently popular but also a new approach to building applications. It's necessary to select the correct low-code software platform for your operations. Use this list of helpful tips to help you choose an option.

Expect developers' involvement

When choosing a low-code platform for your organization, it's important to consider the level of developer involvement that will be required. Some platforms are designed to be used by beginner developers with little coding experience, while others require more advanced coding skills.

The right low-code platform for the organization will depend on the skills of the team and the level of control you need over the development process. If you have experienced developers on staff who are willing and able to get involved in the development process, you'll likely want a platform that offers more flexibility and customizability. However, if you don't have experienced developers on staff or need a faster, more streamlined development process, a platform that requires less developer involvement may be a better choice or even a no-code platform.


Evaluate multiple use cases

When evaluating low-code development platforms, it's important to consider multiple use cases. For example, if you're looking for a platform to help you develop mobile apps, you'll want to choose a platform that offers robust mobile app development capabilities. On the other hand, if your main goal is to create prototypes or proofs-of-concept quickly, you'll want to choose a platform that makes it easy to create and iterate on prototypes.

FAQs low-code platforms approach

How much do low-code development platforms cost?

Low-code development platform's costs might vary and are often billed on a subscription basis. The cost increases when a company runs more apps. It varies from company to company. Estimates for enterprise-level software range from around $25 per month to over $5,000.

How to choose a free low-code development platform?

There are many low-code development platforms on the market, but there is no such platform that offers lifetime or long-term free low-code development platforms. Some systems provide free trials for a month, while others only offer them for 15 days. To choose a good free low-code development software, you need to consider your needs and objectives. Some things you may want to keep in mind while making a decision:

  • What kind of applications do you want to make/create?
  • How much control do you need over the appearance and functionality of your app development?
  • What kind of support does the software give to the users?
  • Is there a community of users who can offer help and advice?

Once you've considered your needs, you can start looking at different free low-code development platforms and choose the best of them for you!

Does Google have a low-code platform?

Google is not among the top platforms for low- or no-code development. Leading companies in the market for corporate low-code applications include OutSystems, Mendix, Microsoft, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.


Today, numerous startups, small- and medium-sized businesses, and enterprises are employing low-code platforms to build internal, consumer-grade applications. It helps reduce the cost of development, but still, there is a need for developers with coding knowledge. But you can discover an easier, cheaper, and faster way to create web or mobile apps is a no-code platform, for instance, AppMaster. It is a no-code platform the distinctiveness comes from the fact that it creates the source code, and The users need not be concerned about being restricted to the platform if they so want; they can always take their source code. Most platforms make you choose between a web and mobile app. AppMaster lets you have both, and you can create them without knowledge of coding language. It's the perfect choice for creating a web or mobile application!

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