The power of the platform is growing every month. We didn't waste time and added new functionality to and improved its performance. Check out the major highlights of January.

Improved file managing

Improved file management in

We made significant updates in file managing on the platform. Now users can access the files' models and properties and make and expand file models. To simplify the work, we added new blocks in Business Processes related to file operations:

  • Search file;
  • Delete file;
  • Get file;
  • Get file metadata;
  • Get image thumbnail;
  • Make CSV file;
  • Make XLSX file.

New response and request content types

New response and request content types

Endpoints now have a separate 'Files' section with all endpoints needed to manage your applications' files. Users are allowed to change file paths and manage middleware.

  • Request content type added: Multipart form data and XML;
  • Response content type added: XML, Render file, and Download file.

New deploy options with Docker

Deploy options with Docker

We added a centralized repository to store applications packed in docker images. Now you can deploy your applications to any server with docker via a single command - docker pull from our repository. Subscription with access to binary files required for this option to work.

Updated Business Processes organization

Business Processes Folders

We updated the list view of business processes and added folders for more convenient navigation.


improvements in

  • New profile page;
  • Minor bug fixes;
  • Multiple performance improvements.

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