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AppMaster No-Code Platform Updates | January 2024

AppMaster No-Code Platform Updates | January 2024

The January updates for our no-code platform are here! Discover new features that make creating apps on AppMaster faster and simpler than ever.

New Business Process Block: CLI Command

In January, we added the new BP Block: CLI Command. This feature enables you to execute operating system commands, which significantly expands the functionalities of applications and provides them with a broader range of capabilities.

Currently, it supports commands for Linux and Bash, with the potential for expansion in future updates to accommodate more operating systems. Although this feature isn't available for cloud-hosted applications for security reasons, developers with on-premise deployments can now enjoy the benefits of integrating CLI commands directly into their app workflows, opening up a host of new functional possibilities.

New Amazon SES Module

Another noteworthy improvement is the new Amazon SES module that leverages AWS Simple Email Services. This feature offers a cost-effective solution, with prices starting as low as $0.10 per 1000 emails, which is particularly beneficial for businesses seeking to maintain a budget-friendly communication strategy. 

While activating this module requires some initial setup, the affordability and reliability of using AWS SES through AppMaster can significantly enhance your app's email capabilities.

Improved Business Process Block for Updating the Database

To further enhance the functionality of Business Processes (BP), we have improved the DB Update block with Upsert support. This feature smartly updates only the fields where new values have been provided, streamlining the database update process and ensuring efficiency. This shift signifies our commitment to continual improvement and adopting more advanced data handling techniques in our no-code platform. 

Updated Authentication Module

This month, we also rolled out a notable update for our authentication module to enhance the security of user sessions. Developers can now select a specific set of tokens for session storage.

We’ve also added an HTTP-Only Cookie into the system. Now, you can use secure HTTP-Only Cookies alongside Bearer tokens to reduce the chance of someone stealing session information from Local Storage. 

Moreover, for developers using Postman, this update means cookies are saved automatically for easier subsequent requests. You need to activate this feature explicitly in the module settings since it's turned off by default.

With every update, we're making AppMaster better and easier for you to use, helping turn your great ideas into real, working apps. Dive in and see how these latest improvements can help you build the app you've been thinking about. We're excited to see what you'll create!

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