Google Chrome has announced an update aimed at streamlining browser customization and enhancing user experience. The update introduces a new side panel, simplifying the process of personalizing Chrome's appearance according to individual preferences.

Chrome has long provided a "Customize Chrome" option, typically located at the bottom right of the screen. The introduction of the side panel aims to optimize this feature by offering an easily accessible, comprehensive list of customization options. As users experiment with the various choices available, changes can be immediately previewed on the New Tab page. Google also ensures that the side panel saves customization edits during the process.

The side panel offers an extensive selection of images spanning various categories, which can be accessed by clicking on "Change theme." Users can browse through categories like "Landscapes" and "Seascapes," selecting an image that appeals to their personal taste. Additionally, the update includes a "Refresh daily" toggle for users who prefer to have a rotating background for added variety. This feature can be activated by selecting any theme collection before turning on the toggle.

Users with multiple profiles on Chrome, such as separated work and personal accounts, can further distinguish profiles with unique backgrounds and color schemes. This not only caters to differing preferences but also enables easy visual differentiation between profiles.

Apart from customizable images, the side panel also allows users to pick a color scheme that complements their selected theme. Upon selecting a theme, Chrome will automatically adjust its color scheme accordingly, ensuring a harmonious user interface. Users have the option to switch to another scheme on the overview page if the current one does not suit their liking.

Although browser customization is not a novel concept, Chrome's latest update simplifies the process, ultimately resulting in an improved user experience. This update is now available as part of the latest desktop release for Chrome.

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