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The security problems of no-code applications

The security problems of no-code applications

More and more applications are being developed on no-code platforms. It is more convenient and faster, gives more flexibility and freedom, and does not require you to know programming languages. These are the benefits for both developers and 'citizen developers.' But no-code also has its drawbacks, and one of the main ones is security.

Data confidentiality and its protection in development are one of the most important points. Unfortunately, no-code platforms do not always cope with this task and are more susceptible to attacks. We will discuss what kind of security problems you may encounter and how to avoid them in this article.

What's wrong with no-code?

According to benchmark evaluation, 93% of apps analyzed violated several OWASP MASVS. Common issues included:

  • insufficient keysize;
  • leaked data;
  • lack of proper secure certificate use;
  • unencrypted data transmission over HTTP.

Statistics are frightening. Almost every app fails to perform proper security management.

No-code instruments sometimes put you at a greater risk. When a so-called citizen developer uses the third-party no-code tool, there are many possibilities for malware attacks. First, lack of knowledge of a non-developer user, then there is no verification of how and with what tools the no-code platform is secured.

Security issues of no-code are the biggest concern of the movement. There is ample chance to expose the enterprise's confidential data when using unreliable software.

What affects the security vulnerability of no-code platforms?

Applications storage in the cloud

By placing your products on public cloud storage, you expose yourself to possible risks. The platform users have no control over the privacy of such platforms. Therefore, they cannot be sure that data will be protected.

The solution to the problem is using verified cloud services that have international certification and ISO compliance.

In general, any cloud platform should provide three main aspects of client data security: confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

The optimal solution is to place the application on services fully controlled by the enterprise itself.

Data access issues

Data is the primary source in the operation of the application. Therefore, the issue of access to it often becomes the main problem. When you work with no-code platforms, this process is hard to control. Suppose you can restrict access to data for different types of users, fix logins, restrict access by time, and access certain types of information. In that case, you can easily increase the security level of your products.

Unfortunately, not all tools provide this functionality. Therefore, this is another point to consider when choosing a no-code platform.

Shadow IT

So-called shadow IT, any digital tools used outside the IT department's control or without their consent, put companies at even greater risk. These tools often include no-code platforms that do not have a reliable security system.

Since, in most cases, no-code development is done by people who do not have a technical background, again, outside the IT department, unknowingly, they can make important information publicly available.

Low Visibility

Although technologies are called no-code, this does not mean that there is no code at all. Its generation is hidden from the user who works with ready-made platform components. It is also one of the significant problems for developers.

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The code can be modified from the outside during cyberattacks, which the developer may not know about.

Public-key cryptography technologies, digital signature mechanisms, and platforms that operate according to ISO 27001 certification are used to mitigate the risks.

Besides this, you can face several other problems when developing applications with no-code.

Opening up your systems to attack. With no-code, there are often fewer barriers to entry for attackers. This can make it easier for them to exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to your systems.

Difficulty tracking down the source of a breach. If a breach does occur, it can be challenging to determine where it originated. It can make it harder to fix the problem and prevent future violations.

Open source components. In projects that use open source components, hackers can use the publicity of exploits to their advantage.

Risks mitigation

Fairly simple actions can minimize security risks:

  • work with software from reliable and trusted suppliers;
  • availability of platform certificates confirming compliance with international software security standards;
  • access control: who has access to the platform and what actions they are allowed to perform;
  • implement additional protection of essential data;
  • placing the no-code tools themselves, as well as ready-made applications on proven cloud services (for example, AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure are considered reliable);
  • don't store sensitive data in no-code applications: avoid storing sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, passwords, and personal information;
  • if you must keep this type of data, encrypt it and store it in a secure location;
  • keep your software up to date: ensure that your data is protected by keeping software up to date.

Security in AppMaster

AppMaster prioritizes the security of the platform itself and the security of your apps.

How is data protected on the platform?

OWASP compliance

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) provides free resources regarding application security. AppMaster follows its guidance and recommendations to be sure you use a secure and reliable product.

Comprehensive logging

We use the best log collection and management solutions. Logging in generated applications can be configured in great detail.

Access control

Access to all systems is based on roles. Access to data is not possible without the consent of the data owner.

Fault tolerance and backup

The system has an automatic backup: if one server goes down, the other one immediately takes over.

Shared Responsibility Model

You protect the applications and integrations you develop with user-defined privacy policies.

Amazon Web Services

AppMaster runs on Amazon Web Services and is compliant with SOC 2, CSA, and ISO 27001.

Data recovery

You can access point-in-time data recovery. If you deploy a feature that affects your data, you can restore data from a previous time.

HTTPS encryption

Every connection made to AppMaster is end-to-end encrypted over HTTPS with TLS v1.3.


To mitigate the possible risks of no-code implications, it's essential to carefully consider the security implications of using no-code tools and take steps to protect your data. It might include implementing more robust security measures, such as encryption and multi-factor authentication, and closely monitoring access to sensitive information. Additionally, it's important to stay updated on the latest security threats and keep your systems regularly patched and updated.

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