is an all-in-one no-code platform designed to create fully-fledged software solutions beyond MVP. However, same as with any new tool it might be complicated to figure out its main functionalities and the benefits that it can bring.

Here is a short description of the main features of the platform:

Building Process application building process is usually divided into 6 fundamental stages:

  1. Start of a new project
  2. Structuring the database using a visual tool
  3. Enabling data modules for the most common business cases
  4. Adjusting automatically generated admin panel on web application
  5. Design mobile application
  6. Publish

Important that every step is done by visual elements drag & drop, without any use of programming language.


Modules carry various data to minimize and speed up the time required to implement common tasks. There are plenty of modules, designed by the team and some are provided by third-party services.

Business Process Editor

Every business process is a small piece of your backend app's logic. They work with data to provide actions logic inside of the backend part of your applications. All basic business processes for every data model are created automatically.

Errors recovery system

The generated applications have an automatic recovery system in case of critical errors. The reports of such errors come as notifications to the server (the description and location of the error).

AI Code Generation

Once the application is ready to get published, the platform generates a real code (22000 lines per second!) based on the functionality and design of the application infused by the user. As a result, the user gets a complete application supported by source code and API documentation.


There is only a one-time publish system on the platform, meaning that once the user publishes a mobile application to Apple AppStore or Google Play Market, there is no need to republish the app if there are any updates. All changes will be immediately delivered to the stores.

The Browser and Operating systems

The created application on is fully supported in Chrome & Firefox on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Generated backend can be compiled for Linux, Windows, and macOS with any combination of processor configuration: x86, x86-64, or ARM.#nbsp;

More information about the functionalities can be found in our documentation or you are always welcome to ask us some questions.

If you are ready to try out the platform, you can do it completely free of charge - just register on the platform here.