We had an incredibly productive 2021! We managed to significantly improve the overall performance of AppMaster.io, present it to a larger audience, and gain valuable feedback.

We have already set the plan for the subsequent development. We are aiming for new achievements.

As for now, we have some important updates that we've been working on in December.

Extended Support of Compiling a Project for Various Platforms and Operating Systems

Apps created with AppMaster.io already compile many operating systems with various processor architectures. We have extended this list of OSs for enterprise accounts to provide our users with more options.AppMaster.io platform supportAmong supported systems are Linux, macOS, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris with the following processor architecture — x86 (i386), x86-64 (amd64), arm, arm64.

Export of Database and Files for Generated Apps

We added the databases and files export for the generated apps.AppMaster.io database exportThus, you can easily export the required data of the application.

New Blocks in Business Processes

AppMaster.io new blocksThis month we managed to add blocks to Business Processes:

  • New Blocks for Telegram module;
  • SSH Command blocks.

New Modules

AppMaster.io new modulesAs always, we could not leave you without any new modules, so we added:

  • OAuth 2.0 authentication module;
  • Google Sheets module

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added a tool to remove unused components of the web application;
  • Added a page with a detailed view of deploy plans;
  • Improved publication stability;
  • Renewed the page of log info;
  • Bugs fixes in Web Apps Designer, Mobile Apps Designer, and Business Processes Editor;
  • Added the support of hotkeys for Studio:

Ctrl + P — publish the last project;

Ctrl + S — save the current entity to the server;

Ctrl + N — create a new instance of an entity or element;

Ctrl + Enter — save the current modal window or dialog with a positive result;

Ctrl + S + S — save the scheme + publish;

Сtrl + C; Сtrl + V — copy/paste business processes blocks.AppMaster.io improvementsStay tuned, and don't miss no-code updates! Welcome to join the AppMaster.io community on Discord and text directly to our developers there!