Are you searching for the best strategy to create your wallpaper app? The market for wallpaper apps is increasing day by day and is undoubtedly worth exploring. However, you can build your wallpaper app without coding and other complications. In this guide, we are giving you some tips on how to build a wallpaper app most efficiently.

How to make a wallpaper app: steps and features for App development

It's not a complicated process to generate your captivating wallpaper app. You have to hire an app developer, but this process will still need your attention. In this write, you'll discover how you can make an excellent wallpaper app without any complications, so why are you waiting for it? Let's move further and get the answers to your questions related to wallpaper app development. If you are willing to create your wallpaper app, follow all the tips & tricks below. It's a pretty simple road map that will lead you toward your desired goal. 

Review any favorite Wallpaper app

If you are a beginner, who wants to create your wallpaper app, you need to review a popular wallpaper app first. Don't jump into the water without knowing; How to swim! Explore any perfect wallpaper apps and get an idea about things and features. Try to discover multiple wallpaper apps. So, after getting the inspiration, you will be able to create a wallpaper app with many unique ideas. I recommend you review the "Walli" wallpaper app; it's a fantastic popular wallpaper app for iOS & Android devices. I hope so, and it would provide assistance in creating & plan your mobile app. You'll get some idea about the features of API development by reviewing the Walli, so look; at what features are being offered in this popular app. 

  • Walli allows its users to select from a wide range of innovative wallpapers.
  • It knows as the top-notch feature wallpaper app that top graphic designers around the globe develop. 
  • It's created by an expert mobile device app developer that enables artists worldwide to sign up quickly.   
  • Also, artists get rewarded for their wallpaper artwork. 
  • It allows you to browse a wide range of wallpaper collections without no lag. 
  • This mobile app has three sections for wallpaper: "Featured," "popular," and recent. 
  • Furthermore, you can search for the specific wallpaper classifications such as; animal, nature, quotes, and space. 
  • This android wallpaper app allows you to "Like "any wallpaper. Also, you can see that wallpaper in your profile.  
  • Users of this wallpaper app can select the wallpaper of their choice on the screen lock of their Android or IOS phone. 
  • Also, Walli has a "playlist" feature as well. So, you can choose any of the wallpaper on your device. 

This is a simple step you need to follow before doing anything else. After this step, you get several ideas about wallpaper app development and inspiration. Now, you can grasp, organize and plan things very quickly. However, it's just an essential step; let's explore more about wallpaper-related mobile app development in the further read. 

Plan your Android Wallpaper app features & development

Suppose you have reviewed the popular wallpaper app; now it's time to plan your app feature. After exploring the popular app, it's time to think about your app's features. It would help if you were innovative in this context. Try to differentiate your Android wallpaper app by applying unique ideas & features. Let's take an example; you can come up with a custom wallpaper maker feature in your Mobile wallpaper app. it will allow you to start with multiple templates. This fantastic feature will allow the users to create their wallpapers by utilizing their pictures. Also, they will be able to add some motivational quotes with multiple fonts. This feature will let them be creative. 

Also, you can add some unique editing options, Such as changing color gradients, pixel brightness, etc. Furthermore, you can make it more beneficial by adding some features for social sharing. Allow your users to share their wallpapers on different social media platforms. You need a competent project manager (CPM) to plan your feature first. For this purpose, you'll also require an experienced IT architect & a knowledgeable business analyst (BA). So, you conduct a detailed discussion with this team and Try to visualize the user journey through your Android wallpaper app. Now, it's time to evaluate; which features can add more value to your wallpaper app experience and user interface. Try to include all of the discussion and ideas in your wallpaper app's project requirement document. 

Time to Project planning: The core step to creating your Exclusive Wallpaper App

What do you have to do to get your desired goal for this wallpaper app project? Do you have any end goals? You can't achieve any target unless you plan it properly. Without proper planning, you can't be able to make a great wallpaper app.  You can consider the following suggestions while planning your Android wallpaper app development. 

First of all, you have to launch an MVP and upgrade it according to the market feedback.

Native apps: 
Develop native applications since they offer the ideal "user experience" (UX) & performance. 

Implement app & data security to ensure a safe and secure user app experience.

You may utilize cloud platforms smartly. With the help of cloud platforms, you can concentrate on app development instead of IT infrastructure management.

You can use some of 3rd party APIs to prevent extensive external dependencies. Create your APIs for your core features. Don't rely on APIs' non-core features for app development.

Choose Technology stack:
UX, performance & scalability are all essential to your android wallpaper app development. The superior technology stack is perfect for getting the best results.

Onboard competent people & manage all of them for more productivity.

Development of best practices:
It's the essential point you need to remember to institute to plan verification and validation processes. It's a required step to create a wallpaper app.

Make a Strategy for Wallpaper app security

You can offer your users with in-app purchase feature. But the question is; how would you secure the confidential information of your users? This question is crucial and can directly impact your wallpaper app's success. Therefore, you need to strategize everything appropriately. Include the following few measures in your wallpaper app security strategy:

  • Take-charge mitigation of app security vulnerabilities;
    Add Security & compliance testing as part of your CI/CD pipeline;
    Use Tools & techniques such as; antivirus, next-generation firewall, real-time threat intelligence, multi-factor authentication (MFA), encryption, etc.;
    Use a safe & secure cloud platform;
    APIs security is essential;

Make a Plan for the Android Mobile Backend While creating a Wallpaper app 

In this step, you have to focus on the design & development of the UI and business logic. Also, the mobile backend is crucial too. Use the "Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service" (MBaaS) platform. You can get the following benefits:

  • It will manage cloud infrastructure & persistent storage. 
  • You can easily evaluate your mobile wallpaper app using a reputed MBaaS platform.
  • Also, you can easily integrate APIs if you utilize an MBaaS platform.

Get 3rd party APIs for non-core features

You have to develop your APIs for your app's core features; you can utilize leading 3rd party APIs for non-core features. Following are the recommended ones:

  • Apple Push Notification Service (APNS
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM
  • Braintree Direct

Choose the right technology stack to create a wallpaper app

Which technology stack should you select for API development? You have to plan for native Android & iOS development. Furthermore, you'll also require API development tools; the following are the suggested ones to create a wallpaper app; 

Java for native Android App development;
You should create a native Android application using Java. Java has been the mainstay of Android development for the long term. 

Swift for native iOS development;
I suggested that you code your proposed iOS application by using Swift. You can get the multiple advantages & powerful features through the Swift. Now, you can get a smaller codebase and English-like syntax. All of the features together overcome your maintenance effort and assist you in creating a wallpaper app.

REST for API development;
How would you create your APIs? REST (Representational State Transfer) is the ideal de-facto standard. Therefore, I suggested that you have to develop RESTful APIs.

Search for the app developers

Your next move is to get competent developers. Try to find an Android developer have the following skills;

  • Native Android developers with Java skills;
  • Native iOS developers with Swift skills;
  • DevOps engineers;
  • UI designers;
  • Testers.

Create a plan for verification and validation when you're making a wallpaper app

Let's plan quality assurance for your wallpaper app project? You have to plan for both verification & validation. The verification process is involved in the review, and this should cover your preference, design documents, test plan, test cases &code. Your goal is to search for defects early, and you should find experienced reviewers. Validation involves testing. You have to write comprehensive test cases and evaluate your wallpaper app with various devices. An open-source test robust tool is not enough. However, you require a mobile device lab on the cloud.

Offer effective UI design

Now, you have to offer a perfect UI design to your users. Following guidelines would help you in this way. 

  • "Material design" guidelines for Android app UI design;
  • "Human interface guideline" for iOS application UI design.

API development to build a wallpaper app
You have to create APIs for the implementation of your core business capabilities. Also, APIs must provide a consistent framework for your front end to access the backend. It would help if you created RESTful APIs.

Mobile app development, Testing & Deployment

Now let's talk about developing the native Android mobile apps. Take a start with the planned Android application. How to create a wallpaper app in Android studio? You need to take the following steps for building an Android mobile wallpaper app:

  • Code the app by utilizing Java on Android Studio & integrate APIs.
  • Now, let's move toward the mobile device lab. 
  • Test the application 
  • After evaluating the app through any mobile device labs, publish the app to the Google Play store. 

How do you make the proposed iOS app? 

Take the following steps to create the iOS Wallpaper app:

  • Code the app is utilizing the Swift on Code, i.e., the famous IDE for iOS Development.
  • Integrate APIs and examine 

App Maintenance
App maintenance is crucial to ensure an excellent app experience for users. You will require a maintenance plan to keep up with the advanced mobile OS versions. You will also require updating app security to keep up with the advanced security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, it would help if you kept boosting the level of your MVP features. To update app attributes according to users' demands, invest in getting their feedback. For this purpose, you can conduct various surveys, ask them to leave app store feedback, rate your application, etc. You can utilize many tools like Survey Monkey, Qualaroo, etc., to get user feedback. 

Final thoughts

As you have already noticed, the classical approach to development can be very complex and time-consuming, not to mention high cost. To solve this problem, we recommend paying attention to the no-code method. With the help of platforms such as AppMaster, you can implement your project much faster, cheaper, and more accessible. However, we have recommended all the tips on How to build a wallpaper app.  

How do I make my own wallpaper app?

Here are a few steps that you have to follow to create your own mobile wallpaper app:

  • Review a famous example before you create a wallpaper app
  • Plan your features when you make a wallpaper app
  • Project planning is the key to making your own wallpaper app
  • Strategize for application security
  • Plan for the mobile backend when you create a wallpaper app
  • Find 3rd party APIs non-core features
  • Select the right technology stack to create a wallpaper app
  • Find developers
  • Plan for verification and validation when you make a wallpaper app
  • Focus on UI design
  • API development to create a wallpaper app
  • Mobile app development, Testing, and Deployment
  • App Maintenance

What is the best app for making backgrounds?

Here are some suggested wallpaper apps that are perfect for background changing

  • Auto Background Changer
  • Simple Background Changer
  • Background Eraser Pro
  • Facetune
  • Apowersoft: Background Eraser
  • Superimpose
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • LightX 

How can I make the wallpaper? 

You can make amazing wallpapers by getting assistance from any free wallpaper apps. But here we are giving you the main idea by using the Canva. 

  • Launch the Canva app. Open Canva & search for "Wallpaper" to get started on your design
  • Now, select from tons of beautifully designed wallpaper & background designs
  • Customize your desired wallpaper in just a few minutes
  • Get creative design ingredients and make your wallpaper
  • Now Save your wallpaper and share.

How do I make a free wallpaper?

Here are the few free applications that can create free wallpapers

  1. Backdrops.
  2. Google Wallpapers
  3. Walli
  4. Abstract
  5. Paperland Live Wallpaper
  6. Walpy
  7. Muzei Live Wallpaper
  8. Zedge

What is the best wallpaper app for Android? 

Walli & Resplash are 2 top examples of excellent wallpaper apps.

What are some essential features of a wallpaper app?

Your wallpaper app should make things more exciting & captivating for users to keep them connected. These attributes include a collection of HD wallpapers, interactive gifs, catchy stickers, live wallpapers, etc.

Where can I find free wallpaper for my phone?

Take your phone wallpaper & style to the next level with fascinating phone wallpapers by installing the various wallpaper apps from the play store.