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How to Build and Sell White-Label App: A Complete Guide to White-Label App Building in 2022

How to Build and Sell White-Label App: A Complete Guide to White-Label App Building in 2022

Are you looking for a white label app for your no-code app business? A white label app is a generic mobile application that can be downloaded to your device. This mobile app is a basic 'blank slate' application that a business can then rebrand. White label apps are built by a third party and have basic and general application features compatible with most mobile devices. A company then purchases the white-label app, and these application features are then personalized or branded to their specifications. No-code white label apps are the exact opposite of building out a custom mobile application.

What are White-label Apps? How to Develop it and Start Your No-Code App Business?

There are many advantages to using white-label apps to create and customize mobile business applications. These mobile apps require less building time, as they have a shorter turnaround time within which to be made ready to set up. Reduced building time enables businesses to launch their mobile app in a shorter period than a custom application. White label apps are a more budget-friendly option for businesses, as they require less investment than building a custom mobile application.

By customizing a ready-made white label app, a business can create their mobile application at a fraction of the cost. These no-code mobile applications can also be scaled up to meet the specific needs of your business. White label mobile apps are a preferred solution for businesses with limited technological and human resources. These mobile applications are maintained by the third-party seller responsible for the updates, upkeep, and upgrade of the white label app. White label apps are often hosted and monitored on the servers of third-party developers. For non-coder businesses, this minimizes the stress of designing, building, and maintaining their mobile application.

Can You Build a Complex App Without Coding?

Yes! It is possible through no-code platforms to simply build and develop large complex apps coding-free. No coding or Low coding app development platforms enable users to create apps for their businesses without the help of coding and developers. After the creation of these apps, uploading them to the app store is also easily manageable without any professional help. Most of these no-code platforms have simple functions to develop apps for example, just drag and drop. The app created on these platforms is appealing to the eyes, responsive, and user-friendly. You might still need professional help if you are creating large complex apps from a no-coder tech who specializes in these types of platforms and help you finish the task smoothly. A no-coding platform developer has the expertise to develop an app from scratch and create almost any type of complex app as per your need, and eliminates the hassle of building an app by you completely. You can contact us for a list of registered licensed no coding experts who can help in building your app through our platform of, AppMaster.

The app solution all comes down to just how complex the mobile application is. It is also based on the app features you have decided to include in the app development process. A white label app may be the perfect solution for your business if the customization features are available within the selected app. White label apps facilitate building without businesses having to employ app development teams for coding and maintenance.

No-code white-label mobile app solutions operate off the "software as a service" or SaaS business model. A SaaS business model allows third-party app development and hosting. The SaaS product is then sold to an end-user as a solution that simplifies the process of creating apps from scratch. More businesses are using SaaS products for their cost-effectiveness, shortened lead time, and low maintenance.

How Do I Create a White Label App?

The process of creating your own white label mobile app is straightforward and includes the following steps:

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Step One - Consultation

An initial consultation with our team is the first stage in creating a white-label mobile app that meets your business needs. During this brainstorming process, we create a profile for the target users of your white label mobile app. Our team also discusses with you the best features of your application.

The consultation phase helps you to generate a better idea of what your finished app will look like. In this collaborative phase, your business is guided toward the best practices when it comes to mobile app creation. It will also help to determine whether a white label app is the best solution for your business. 

Step Two - App Development

Our AppMaster platform will assist your business in optimizing the white label mobile application's features to suit your business needs. AppMaster is the most efficient tool for your business, which makes it more efficient to customize a white label application. During the application development process, the white-label mobile app features are customized to make it most efficient for users. Through this customization, your white label mobile app will be rebranded to reflect your company image.

We will pay great attention to details to ensure that everything within the mobile application fits your company's aesthetic. The white-label mobile app will be customized to include personalized details such as your business logo, fonts, graphics, colors, and other application design elements. These white-label app details will help to make your brand recognizable to your application end-users.

Step Three - Application Launch

Your fully customized mobile app will be launched using our no-code AppMaster platform. The application and its features are found within the app store during your mobile app launch. Users will be able to access and use the new features of the mobile application. They will also be able to submit feedback and their reviews of the new addition to your business tech solutions.

As a part of marketing and promotional activities, your business can promote and incentivize users to download the mobile app. Our app development team would provide ongoing support during this rollout phase and beyond, to ensure that your business enjoys the maximum benefit of its new application.

How Much Does White Label App Cost?

White label apps are much more cost-efficient than a custom application build. The cost of your mobile app comes within your budget, the specific app features, and the application development team. As can be expected, a more complex white label app customization will be costlier than a traditional mobile app solution. 

Can You Build Apps Without Coding?

The short answer is yes! Nowadays, it is not necessary to know coding to build a mobile-code-less app. The success of building your mobile app comes down to selecting the right app development team and no-code platform. The AppMaster platform provides businesses with all the advantages of app development without the stress!

How Can I Make a Mobile App Without Code?

One of the best in the industry, the AppMaster no-code platform is the perfect solution for businesses requiring mobile apps without coding custom apps from scratch. With the right amount of customization to suit your business, these no-code-developed apps are ready to market!  

The AppMaster platform is a cost-effective solution for companies where they can come and easily make their customized app. We specialize in providing budget-friendly solutions to meet your business needs. AppMaster is an efficient no-code app platform with excellent ongoing customer support. This means that you don't have to go through your app development journey alone. We can help! Schedule your consultation with the AppMaster team today!

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