We are starting this winter season with significant updates and improvements. Check out what was changed and added to the AppMaster.io platform.

Beta testing

Beta testing of AppMaster.io

We launched Beta Testing for AppMaster.io. Now is the time if you were interested in trying out our platform and participating in its development. Register and become one of the beta testers.

Explore all of the functionalities and share opinions. We want to make our product better for you!

New Modules

New Modules AppMaster.io

It’s never too many modules. We want to provide you with the module diversity and give you more opportunities to develop and expand your project.

Check out the new module added and some improvements:

  • Telegram module updated: the business process with bot support.
  • New Cloud Convert module added — an online file converter.

New blocks in Business Processes

We added new blocks to Business Processes:

  • Date types to Unix timestamp and from Unix timestamp
  • SSH Command (Password) and SSH Command (Key)

Subscription plans update

Subscription plans update on AppMaster.io

Switch easily from a monthly to a yearly plan at any moment without paying any extra fees.

Major improvements

Major Improvements of AppMaster.io

  1. Enhanced code generating functionality
  2. Cancellation functionality added for purchased resources
  3. Protection from deletion of Production type deployment plans added
  4. Improved the process of null-fields hiding in the endpoint responses
  5. Enhanced performance and stability of the studio
  6. Optimized data-models scheme saving process (10x times)
  7. Global variables added

We continue working on new ideas and enhancing the performance of the platform. Hope to present even more new features next month!

Stay tuned, and don't miss no-code updates! You are always welcome to join the AppMaster.io community chat and write directly to our developers there!