New BP blocks, updated modules, and significantly improved business processes — we continue development.

See what has been added and done on the platform this month, and don't forget to try everything out.

Mobile business processes

Mobile business processes in

We are actively improving the work of mobile business processes. 299 new blocks have been added to work with Android applications.

New blocks in BP:

  • Blocks to work with: List, Grid, Timespan, Select, Multiselect, Relations
  • Local notification block;
  • Device block for forking on iOS/Android;
  • Bind JSON to Model Block.

HTTP calls block added

HTTP request block in

We added a universal block of HTTP calls, with support for various content types. The main purpose of the block is to process external HTTP requests.

*Available in beta version.


New modules in

The authorization module has been updated: the session model has been moved out for users, now it is possible to create custom authentication and registration scripts.

*Available in beta version.

An event accepting block has been added to the Stripe module.

Added new modules:

  • Microsoft Translator;
  • Google indexing;
  • AdMob integration;
  • YouTube player.


Improvements in

  • Improved SwiftUI;
  • Completion of components by type of file picker and reselect;
  • Added YouTube player element;
  • Added audio player;
  • Updated project templates;
  • Added left/right modal sheets;
  • Improved save time for data model schemas for large projects.

Features we continue to work on:

  • Auto-generation of forms from individual inputs;
  • Client business processes;
  • Discord module: full support for bots, receiving messages from the service.