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Business Process Scheduler for Web Apps

Now you can use our business process scheduler in web applications to launch business processes periodically. You can run the scheduler in three modes — Foreground & Background, Foreground Only, Background Only. This limits the task's operation depending on the application status. Now you can even run your BP in web background mode when a user switches tabs.

Referral program in workspaces

We have renewed our referral program and now you can find it in your workspace. Invite someone to try AppMaster for free by using your referral link!⁣⁣ After joining, your friends will receive a discount, and you will receive a reward for all their payments for up to 12 months! There is no limit to how much you can earn. 

Google and Apple Wallet for mobile apps

We have added support for Google Wallet and Apple Wallet for non-financial entities: event tickets, discount cards, boarding passes, and more. You can find the necessary blocks in our business processes. At the first stage, the functionality works only with the Generic Pass. But in the future we will add more entities.

Cryptography in mobile applications

We have added cryptography support to the BP editor of mobile applications and to the Android mobile app. And IOS is going to be ready in the near future. Now if the cryptography module is connected, you’ll have the cryptography blocks available in the business process editor in a separate group in the left pane.

Что улучшилось

  • Implemented the BP Detect Browser block in a web application
  • Added workspace support to AppMaster Developer IOS app
  • Added automatic creation of BP blocks when double clicking on the connector
  • Added field array blocks to the Android mobile app

Что исправлено

  • Fixed errors in file handling blocks
  • Fixed file transfer from the backend in the generated application
  • Fixed comparison blocks in web application
  • Fixed map loading in mobile designer
  • Fixed Bar chart in Android app
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