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Passkey for AppMaster Studio

This recent addition enables users to quickly access the studio with security that conforms to the latest authentication standards, ensuring convenience and protection.

New Block for Backend Applications

The DB: Create Bulk block has been introduced in the Business Process Designer for backend applications. With this new feature, you can add multiple records from an array of models simultaneously, eliminating the need for loops.

iOS Updates

  • UI Elements Rendering Speed: We've boosted the rendering speed of UI elements to improve the responsiveness of your iOS applications.
  • Mapbox Module: A module for integrating Mapbox geolocation and maps seamlessly into your mobile apps.
  • Trigonometry Blocks: We've introduced trigonometry blocks for more advanced mathematical operations.
  • Cryptography Blocks: New blocks have been added to simplify the implementation of cryptographic functions.
  • Navigation Rework: Now it ensures proper functioning of all cases with 'use_container', 'add', and more.

개선된 사항

  • Improved Launch Reports for backend application startups
  • Enhanced the security of the SQL Exec block

수정된 사항

  • Fixed a bug with saving changes in the deployment plan when Protect From Deleted is enabled
  • Fixed bug with changing field type to enam in an existing model field
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