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Go 1.19 released

We have made a huge leap towards the efficiency of generated server applications. Since August, all server applications use the latest version of the Go programming language — Go 1.19. This brings a lot of optimizations and an overall performance boost of around 22%. And, as always, every user can simply click the "Publish" button and get new and improved applications in less than 20 seconds. No effort, everything is on us!

AWS Graviton3

Over the past few weeks, we moved most of our cloud servers to AWS instances with the latest generation Graviton3 CPUs. Graviton-powered instances offer the best price/performance ratio with approximately 35% cost savings compared to Intel-based instances. The good news is that not only are the internal AppMaster servers running on AWS Graviton3 CPUs, but any user application as well (which is deployed by default on the latest generation of instances).

Decimal on the way

We know that our platform has been missing decimals. Well, the wait is finally over. Now Sum, Subtract, Divide, Multiply, ToFloat, ToString blocks and many others of similar nature accept Decimal. Decimal can already be found in beta version and will be up on production in the first days of September. And Decimal has a different color, so you’ll definitely notice it.

Every second counts

What would happen if applications could build 30% faster? That would mean decreased frustration, increased productivity, and 30% more quality time.⁣ We have updated the application generators, transferred them to the ARM architecture and more powerful hardware. And now production apps build about 30% faster.

개선된 사항

  • Added HMAC Compute block to backend Crypto module
  • Added Trim block support for IOS and Android
  • Added "to phone number" conversion block for backend, web and mobile
  • Added various additional blocks to the backend BP (e.g. Remove Duplicates from Array, Generate UUID v4, URL Encode/Decode and many more)
  • Enabled SSL certificate verification

수정된 사항

  • Fixed menu navigation while inside the workspace
  • Fixed errors when using the Image info block from the Image module
  • Fixed onChange trigger for Switch widget in Android app
  • Fixed the display of the list of endpoints
  • Fixed the return of options from a select in web apps
  • Fixed the work of Unix blocks in web apps
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