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Virtual model support

This feature allows seamless integration with external data sources and custom data handling without being confined to our database structure. Virtual models unlock diverse use-cases and bolster adaptability for modern applications, elevating your project performance to the next level.

New triggers

  • WebView onLoadStarted: This new trigger activates as soon as a WebView begins loading a webpage, giving you the ability to monitor and control the loading process, ultimately resulting in a more seamless user experience.
  • WebView onLoadFinished: This trigger activates when a WebView has successfully completed loading a webpage. The integration of this trigger allows you to establish actions post-loading, such as displaying notifications or triggering other components within your application.
  • WebView onPostMessageReceived: Enhancing your capability to receive messages from a WebView, this trigger becomes active when a post message is received from a webpage. This paves the way for more complex interactions and communication within your application, driving user engagement.
  • SCREEN_ON_BACK_BUTTON_PRESSED: The addition of this trigger fosters more intuitive user navigation within your Android app. This trigger activates when the device’s back button is pressed while your app is on the screen, allowing you to customize the behavior, whether to close the current screen, open a different one, or execute any other desired action.

New blocks

  • WebView PostMessage: This new block empowers you to send information from your application to an embedded webpage within a WebView component. Leveraging the WebView PostMessage block can enhance the interactivity and complexity of your application, allowing a more dynamic communication between your application and web content, thereby increasing user engagement.
  • WebView GoBack: The introduction of this block is a direct response to facilitating better navigation within the WebView component. The WebView GoBack block, when triggered, directs the WebView component to navigate back to the previously loaded webpage. This facilitates a smoother and more intuitive browsing experience within your application, aligning with the familiar back-navigation found in most web browsers.
  • System: Press Back Button: In a move to provide a more coherent user experience, we have added the System: Press Back Button block. This block allows your application to respond appropriately when the device's back button is pressed, enabling a more intuitive navigation system that aligns with standard Android behavior.
  • Get Properties Block for Screens: This new tool enables you to retrieve the current state and properties of a screen within your application. Whether it's understanding the status of screen visibility, orientation, or other properties, this block will provide real-time information, fostering more dynamic app interactions and decision-making processes based on current screen conditions.
  • Update Properties Block for Screens: This block grants you the ability to manipulate screen properties dynamically. Whether you want to modify the visibility, orientation, or other characteristics of a screen, this tool will allow you to adapt and optimize your application's functionality and user experience in response to user actions or other events.

Pinch to Zoom

An update to our Android platform: the inclusion of Pinch to Zoom functionality for images. This new feature enhances user interaction by enabling a closer look or wider view of images through simple finger movements.

Query Params support for the HTTP Request block

This addition allows you to append query parameters to your HTTP requests, facilitating more precise and controlled server interactions. By using Query Params, you can tailor your requests to retrieve specific data, significantly improving your app's functionality and user experience.

Format Number block across all platforms

This feature allows you to manipulate numeric data more efficiently, offering options to customize the display of numbers according to your needs. Whether it's controlling the number of decimal places, defining the decimal separator, or adjusting the thousands separator, the Format Number block enables more precise data presentation. 

কি উন্নত হয়েছে

  • Added a section with artifacts to the studio
  • Added the ability to automatically create variables in Start and End blocks using the Add button
  • Added Open AI module
  • Added the ability to set custom domain for Deployment
  • Added support for HTTP Request block for web application
  • Added free Learn & Explore subscription for free platform preview
  • Added new module for working with Google Cloud Storage
  • Added support for Google Wallet for Android
  • Added the ability to handle SMS and calls on Android
  • Added support for HTTP Request block (Android and iOS)
  • On Android added support for Generate QR block
  • Added the ability to create comments for blocks in all BPs editors
  • Added new CanGoBack field for WebView Get Properties

কি ঠিক করা হয়েছে

  • Fixed YoutubePlayer widget triggers
  • Fixed Round, RoundUp, RoundDown blocks
  • Fixed bugs with min/max for component forms
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