Another report on the main changes that have occurred on our no-code platform over the past month

Important news: we have changed our platform pricing Updated Pricing 2021

The following subscription plans are now available:

  • Personal for non-commercial use.
  • Startup for launches and small projects.
  • Professional for growing businesses.
  • Enterprise for corporate clients.

General changes and fixes

  • Added new templates for projects.
  • Changed the mechanism for generating new pages by models in web applications.
  • Fixed several errors related to the transfer of projects between accounts.
  • Updated rules for working with models in business processes, endpoints, and interfaces.
  • Added a new data type - HTML.


  • Implemented push notifications for mobile apps.
  • Fixed bugs in modules Mail Chimp, Autodesk, Zoom.

New modules:

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Google AdMob

Data models Data Models Designer

Updated rules for working with models in business processes, endpoints, and interfaces.


  • synchronization of fields in web application forms when the model is updated,
  • bug when renaming a model.


  • settings for auto-generation of components in the data model,
  • checking if the data schema was saved successfully

Business processes Business processes

  • Added a transaction mode to business processes in the studio backend and the generated application.
  • Blocks from a remote external request are now marked (DELETED).
  • Added a selection of characters to the Trim String block.
  • Added export of the power supply circuit as an image.


  • errors in parsing CSV files,
  • errors in the Is Valid Email block,
  • data type in the Mean In Array (Int) block,
  • errors in the metadata field from the Stripe module,
  • crash of publication with Read CSV file, Less or Equal, To String, Make, Expand blocks (for models and external requests) or remote external request.

New Blocks:

  • To YAML
  • While Loop
  • To Date
  • To DateTime
  • Generate UUID v4
  • Remove from Array
  • Remove Duplicates from Array
  • Has Substring (Regex)

External API Request Designer:

  • Added an error handling parameter to the settings.

Business Processes Scheduler:

  • Bug fixes and new parameters added.


  • Fixed several bugs when creating endpoints and webhooks.
  • Added additional endpoint settings to control some behavior parameters.
  • Added support for an array of strings for customizing middleware.

Web Application Designer

  • Enhanced the settings for some components.
  • Added support for module actions for web applications.
  • Added a mechanism for duplicating WA components.

Fixed in the generated applications:

  • Fields to show errors in the table,
  • following URLs,
  • displaying pictures,
  • work of filters,
  • display of forms,
  • validation for array [email],
  • errors when creating a new user.

Fixed in the designer:

  • errors when adding new pages,
  • the work of the Switch, Image, and Video elements.

Mobile Application Designer

  • We made fixes to the design and display of elements.
  • Added screen type mas-barcode-scanner.
  • Fixed errors in enum widgets.
  • Added a mechanism for showing notifications to users. Developer Application Developer Applications IOS and Android

iOS: version 2.0.3

  • Fixed several bugs.
  • We expanded the functionality of widgets.

Android: version v2.0.15

  • Fixed UI / UX bugs.
  • Added new functionality.
  • We've changed the UI and fixed several errors in the widgets.

In next updates

  • New scheme for updating modules.
  • Implementation of global variables for business processes.

New modules:

  • Pack / Unpack Files,
  • Google OAuth 2.0,
  • Google Translate,
  • Google Sheets,
  • Validators.

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