The IP Filter module adds IP Filter middleware to your application. It does not require additional settings - you just need to install it.

IP Filter Middleware

Middleware IP Filter extends the endpoint settings in your application. With it, you can set access to endpoints only from specific IP addresses or prohibit it for certain IPs.

This will increase the security level of your application and be able to better control the processes occurring in it.

Configuring IP Access

In Studio, go to the Endpoints tab and find the endpoint for which you want to configure access.

1. Click on the gear icon next to its name.

Endpoints List

2. Go to the Middleware tab (1), find IP Filter in the list, and open its settings (2).

IP Filter Middleware Settings

3. In the Mode field, select one of the options:

  • Allow all, except- access to the endpoint will be allowed from all IP addresses except the specified ones.
  • Forbidden all, except- access to the endpoint will be allowed only from the specified IP addresses.

Access Settings for middleware IP Filter

4. In the IP list field, enter an address or a list of addresses separated by commas.

IP List (IP Filter

Thus, configure all the endpoints to which you want to restrict access.


Here are some examples of using IP Filter.

Example 1: Access only from specified IPs

Let's imagine that your application provides an API for communicating within a specific network. Most likely, in this case, you do not need authorization (so as not to complicate access to the API), but at the same time, you need to restrict the list of IP addresses (allow strictly defined services to access your application). Use the "Forbidden all, except" mode.

Example 2: Restricting Access from Specified IPs

Let's imagine that you need to restrict access to your application for attackers who send spam, try to guess passwords, or carry out DDoS attacks. Information about their IP addresses will be displayed in the logs. Add these IP addresses to the list of prohibited endpoints for enabled endpoints by setting the "Allow all, except" mode in the IP Filter settings. For example, if there are many unsuccessful authorization requests from a specific IP, most likely someone is trying to guess the password. Deny him authorization by setting access restrictions to the POST/auth endpoint (Auth group).

Learn more about what endpoints are and how to use them in our documentation. For more how-tos and helpful materials, visit the blog.

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