The month of July was indeed hot. We've added even more modules, elements, and settings. We fixed a whole bunch of bugs. Improved interface design and interaction with elements, and finally (drum roll) ...

Updating Guides and Manuals!

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Great news for the RU community

We have created a documentation section, a telegram channel, and a tech support chat in Russian! Join us!

Let's talk about the changes in the platform's functionality.

General changes and fixes

  • Added the External API Request (Beta) editor to the basic functionality.
  • Added support for multiple parameters in endpoint URLs.
  • Added PATCH method for REST interface.
  • The mechanism of work of forms in web applications has been improved: the disclosure of data models is available.
  • Removed the functionality of automatic linking of records from different models in the model link settings of the data model editor
  • Launched Swagger for the generated apps.
  • Fixed several bugs related to changing, renaming, and saving elements.
  • Improved the message UI system.


  • Modules can now be configured not only before, but also after installation.
  • iCalendar: A new Create Event block creates a calendar event.
  • Crypto: added blocks for key generation, AES encryption/decryption, EDS generation, and verification.
  • Auth has become part of the basic functionality, now it cannot be removed.
  • Custom SMTP has been updated to version 1.1.: full-fledged work with message fields, supports copies, and blind copies of letters.
  • Autodesk Partner API updated to version 1.2: added support for new endpoints removed Maintenance to Subscription Switch.

New modules:

  • IP Filter - provides IP filtering settings for endpoints via Middleware.
  • Zoom - makes it possible to conduct video conferencing.
  • Universal Map, MapBox Map, Google Maps - map modules for mobile applications.
  • Image - a module for image processing: creating, resizing, cropping, converting.

Data models

  • Fixed a bug with saving the schema when there is a Grid element on the automatically generated page.

Data types

  • TimeSpan is a new type for a time interval (a single variable and an array).
  • The Date and Time data types now support range filtering.

Business processes

  • Added information about the type of the current publication plan to the App Info block (now you can set conditions on the current plan in business processes.
  • Added support for milliseconds for operations with DateTime and Time types
  • Added automatic generation of Patch methods for data models.
  • Improved the logic of the Write Log block for writing arbitrary messages to the log of the application backend.
  • Fixed several minor bugs in the work of the Business logic designer.
  • Improved the mechanism for linking endpoints and business processes.

New building blocks:

  • Mod - performs integer division with remainder.
  • Parse CSV file, Parse XLS file, Parse XLSX file - extract data from CSV, XLS and XLSX files.
  • Array Element - accepts an array (of any type) and an index as input, returns an array element with a given index at the output.
  • to Email - checks if the received data is an e-mail address and converts it to the email type.
  • Get Request Header reads an arbitrary request header from the endpoint context.
  • Set Response Header writes an arbitrary response header to the endpoint context.
  • Validate String (Regex) - checks if the string matches the specified pattern.
  • Split String - splits one string into an array of strings.
  • FromBase64 block - converts data from base64 format to string.

Web Apps

  • Fixed several errors that occurred while configuring and generating applications.
  • Restored the onRequestSuccess and onRequestError triggers for the Server request event to work properly.

Mobile Apps

  • Several minor bugs in functionality have been fixed.
  • Added auto-naming for widgets and icons when creating / cloning.
  • Fixed bugs in push notifications.
  • Updated the default map functionality.

New widgets:

  • Video player
  • Audio player
  • Modular map widgets.
  • Bar Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart chart widgets.

Appmaster mobile application (Android, IOS)

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Coming Soon

  • Groups for sorting business processes.
  • The diverse design of Enum widgets for Mobile Apps and Android apps.
  • Google Translate and Google Sheets modules.
  • New scheme for updating modules.
  • Improved mechanism for working with endpoints for web application components.

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