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Today businesses across industries are constantly seeking efficient ways to innovate and deliver software solutions at a rapid pace. One such platform that has revolutionized the software development industry is OutSystems. As a prominent player in the low-code development space, OutSystems offers an incredibly powerful and user-friendly platform that empowers organizations to build powerful applications with speed and agility.

Company Overview

Founded in 2001 by Paulo Rosado and a team of passionate software engineers, OutSystems has emerged as a leading force in the low-code development industry. Headquartered in Portugal, this innovative company has quickly gained global recognition for its revolutionary approach to application development. What started as a vision to simplify and accelerate software development has transformed into a world-class platform trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide.

How Does it work?

OutSystems provides an intuitive and visual development environment that allows both professional developers and citizen developers to collaborate seamlessly in building complex software solutions. The platform offers a comprehensive set of tools and features to streamline the entire application development lifecycle, from designing and prototyping to testing and deployment.

With the drag-and-drop interface and pre-built components, developers can rapidly create web and mobile applications, significantly reducing traditional coding efforts. The visual modeling capabilities enable users to define data models, business logic, user interfaces, and integrations, all without the need for deep programming expertise. This makes low-code and no-code platforms to accelerate time-to-market and enhance their digital transformation initiatives.

Outsystems interface

Key Features

OutSystems caters to the diverse needs of developers and organizations with a rich set of key features: 

Intuitive Visual Development Environment

OutSystems redefines app development with its intuitive visual development environment, providing developers with a seamless drag-and-drop functionality. By eliminating the need for extensive coding, this feature allows developers to design complex applications effortlessly, saving time and effort in the development process.

Pre-Built Templates, Components, and Integrations

Streamlining app creation, OutSystems offers an extensive library of pre-built templates, components, and integrations. Developers can leverage these resources to accelerate development, enhance functionality, and reduce time-to-market, ensuring a competitive edge in the fast-paced tech industry.

Security Measures

OutSystems places a strong emphasis on security, offering built-in measures to safeguard applications from potential threats. With comprehensive security features, businesses can build and deploy applications confidently, knowing that their data and systems are protected.

Automated Testing Capabilities

Ensuring the reliability and quality of applications, OutSystems incorporates automated testing capabilities. Developers can easily perform rigorous testing, identifying and addressing issues early in the development cycle, thus delivering powerful and bug-free applications.

Effortless Scalability

OutSystems' architecture enables applications to effortlessly scale to meet increasing user demands. Whether it's a small-scale project or an enterprise-level solution, OutSystems can handle the growth seamlessly, ensuring optimal performance even with a rapidly expanding user base.

Cloud-Native Deployment and Agile Methodologies

Embracing cloud-native deployment, OutSystems offers a flexible and scalable infrastructure. Additionally, it aligns with agile methodologies, allowing businesses to quickly adapt and respond to changing requirements, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

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With these features, OutSystems empowers businesses to unleash their creativity, accelerate development, and deliver cutting-edge applications that drive growth and success in the digital era.

Who Can Use It?

OutSystems is designed to cater to a wide range of users, including professional developers, citizen developers, and business stakeholders. 

  • Professional developers can leverage the platform's extensive capabilities to accelerate development cycles, reduce complexity, and deliver innovative solutions to the market quickly. 
  • Citizen developers, who may not have extensive coding experience, can utilize OutSystems' user-friendly visual interface to contribute to application development projects, thus fostering collaboration and innovation within organizations. 
  • Business stakeholders can actively participate in the application development process by providing feedback, making adjustments, and ensuring that the final product aligns with their specific requirements. 

OutSystems empowers organizations of all sizes and industries to embrace low-code development and drive digital transformation initiatives with confidence.

OutSystems vs. AppMaster

While both OutSystems and AppMaster offer powerful low-code and no-code development solutions, there are some key differences to consider when choosing the right platform for your needs.

When considering the options between OutSystems and AppMaster for low-code and no-code development, it's important to delve deeper into the unique features and capabilities of each platform.

low-code no-code difference

OutSystems offers an extensive library of pre-built components and integrations, empowering developers to rapidly create and deploy applications. Additionally, the platform excels in its ability to accommodate complex workflows, integrate with third-party systems, and deliver seamless user experiences across web and mobile platforms.

On the other hand, no-code platform distinguishes itself with a unique server-driven framework and a focus on granular customization capabilities. By generating source code for backend, web, and mobile applications, AppMaster offers organizations the flexibility to host their applications on-premises, providing complete control and enhanced security. 

The platform's visual modeling capabilities allow for a streamlined development process, enabling users to easily define data models, business logic, and user interfaces without writing extensive code. With the ability to update mobile application UI, logic, and API keys without the need to submit new versions to app stores, AppMaster excels in delivering agile and efficient mobile application development experiences.

Furthermore, AppMaster emphasizes scalability and performance through its compiled stateless backend applications generated with Go. This approach allows for amazing scalability, making it exceptionally well-suited for enterprise and high-load use cases. The platform also provides comprehensive documentation, automatic generation of swagger (open API) documentation for server endpoints, and database schema migration scripts to ensure streamlined collaboration and efficient development processes.

Ultimately, the choice between OutSystems and AppMaster will depend on the specific requirements, skill sets, and priorities of your organization. OutSystems' comprehensive feature set and vibrant community make it an excellent choice for organizations seeking a low-code platform with extensive integrations and support. Meanwhile, AppMaster's focus on customization, server-driven framework, and comprehensive control over deployment make it a strong contender for enterprises looking for scalable and secure no-code solutions. Carefully evaluating your organization's needs and objectives will help guide you towards the platform that best aligns with your development goals.

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