Tip: This article describes an actionable way to create your application, even if no-code platforms seem complicated to you.

You have an idea for an application, but programming and no-code development seems too complicated. The training materials offer to create data models and write about setting up integrations. The articles for beginners are full of terms like “API”, “dynamic content”, or “workflow”, and if you google their meanings, you find yourself in an abyss of confusing definitions and even more complex terms. Promises like "you can do it in 15 minutes" seem like mockery. What to do?

There will be no phrase "work with Appmaster.io because ..." with a description of our advantages. Just read the simple plan of action that we offer - and see how it works for you.

Step 1: Registration

If you have not registered yet - do it to get acquainted with the platform. Your goal is to get to know the platform at this stage and not completely understand it. Look around, click, read the descriptions, note for yourself the purpose of which sections you understand.

Subscribe to the Appmaster.io Facebook group or follow the blog - there will be many articles for beginners, with simple examples and explanations that will be clear even for people without technical knowledge.

Join our technical support channel in Telegram - it is convenient to communicate with consultants there.

Once registered, we will not automatically subscribe you to the newsletter and send tons of emails every day. You can choose which topics you are interested in.

Step 2: Create an interface layout

Do not rush to close the article at this point. To compose a layout, you do not need any special knowledge - only the idea of ​​the application and the logic. Of course, it will be easier to do this if you have already formed a "programmer" type of thinking, but it is possible to quickly develop it. Based on the visual component of the application, it will be easier for you to navigate and understand the processes that are taking place in it.

An interface layout is a diagram of how your application will look: what the pages will be, how the data entry forms, buttons, lists, and other elements are laid out.

For tips on how to create a layout, read this article.

Step 3: Contact our tech support

When the layout of your interface is ready, write to the telegram channel of our technical support! We will study your project and tell you where to start, what to read and study, and in which direction to move on. We can even add features to AppMaster.io that you need - because we give our users the ability to directly influence the platform development process.

The good thing about AppMaster.io is that you can first create the visual part of your application, and later set up the interaction of the elements. You will immediately see how your application looks and how it changes during the editing process. A lot of features are already set up - you just have to choose what you want to implement, and the platform itself will take care of how to do it.

You will consistently move forward in building your application, learning only those features and settings that you need now. You will gradually understand how AppMaster.io works - and be amazed at how easy it is to work with it!