According to the statistics, only 34% of the world’s population can code.

Now ask yourself, how many times you’ve got burned because you were lacking programming knowledge? Think about the money and time you’ve wasted to receive a mediocre app that won’t even compile the features you wanted, simply because you could not manage the process of application creation.

It is time to stop this frustration and take control by yourself. By the means of no coding, specifically by the use of No-Code Platforms, you will be able to dive into the ocean of independent app creation and design.

What is No-Code?

No-code allows the creation of application software without any line of code. Therefore, it eliminates programming language requirements and enables even non-technical people to design their web and mobile application using the visual way, simple drag & drop, and 3rd-grade logic.

Since no-code means the elimination of any type of programming, it also removes any possibility of any potential errors, thus economizing time, stress, and money. Instead, it gives you the ability to focus on your inspiration and creativity.

What are No-Code Platforms?

The best way to describe it would be by referencing the words of entrepreneur Ryan Chew, who runs the technology innovation company Tribe in Singapore.

“No-Code platforms, are essentially platforms that allow anyone – from entrepreneurs to company employees – to design and develop their apps.”

The no-code platforms are ruled by the concept of well-known website builders like Wix or Tilda. They use the visual development interface to allow non-technical people to design and publish their products. Such platforms advancing every day and now they’ve achieved the level of creating applications with rich functionalities making them indistinctive from apps made in the traditional way. 

Of course, it is unlikely that no-code will completely eradicate the demand for coding and traditional app development, which means that programmers will always be in use. However, no-code creates the unconstrained flow of ideas that leads to innovation and fast-moving progress.

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