Still in doubt whether to become a no-coder? Today we will name 5 reasons why it is worth doing no-code development.

Visual Aspect

In traditional programming, you won't see what your application looks like until you compile it. You will have to imagine how it will look to the end-user - and work with this visualization.

With no-code visual tools, you will immediately see how the application will look in the end. And you can easily change its design without rewriting kilometers of code.

Fast results

To become a junior in any, even the most "easy" programming language, and start looking for your first job, you will need 4 months or more. This is assuming you already have minimal experience and that you will spend several hours a day studying.

On the no-code platform, you will create your first application in a week, even if you start from scratch. In a month, you will work with your first customers.

Low entry threshold

"The market needs more programmers!" - HR specialists of IT companies confidently say. “Yes, only we are talking about the middle and seniors ...” - the juniors sadly answer. Indeed, when a junior developer vacancy appears in a company, the competition for it is several hundred people. Therefore, the requirements for newbies are constantly growing.

No-code development is a relatively young direction. Many programmers do not even look in this direction, considering it "frivolous". Of course, there are fewer vacancies - but it is easier to get them.


Not every company can afford an application that will fully cover its needs. Building from scratch is long and expensive since traditional development takes months and programmers' salaries are constantly growing. You either have to buy a complex solution (overpaying for "extra" functions) or use several software products (inventing "crutches" to dock them).

But often a business, especially a small one, does not need something super complicated - only a minimum of functions, convenience for employees, and the ability to integrate with the necessary services. This is where fast and democratic no-code comes to the rescue.


Traditional programming scares a lot of people away by being "boring". We strongly disagree with this! But we understand that you need to have a certain mindset and character to find interest (and even excitement!) In lines of code endlessly running across the screen.

No-code in this regard will suit more people. After all, in essence, this is programming in a game form. For adults only. Making money by playing - which of us has not dreamed about it?

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