The Nexmo module allows you to integrate into the AppMaster application the ability to send SMS messages to a provided number.

Installation and configuration


Associated business processes

The following business processes are automatically installed along with module installation:

  • Nexmo.Send SMS - allows you to send messages to the specified number through the Nexmo module
    • Phone [phone] - destination phone number;
    • Content [string] - text message;


Usage example

Consider an example where the user enters a phone number and a message text, and the given message is sent to the specified number using the Nexmo module.

In the first step, after module’s installation and configuration, need to create an endpoint for Nexmo.Send SMS BP.


User interface looks like:


The BP reads the values from the Input Phone and Input Text components (converting it to a string using To String) and sends them to the created endpoint. An example of BP is shown below:


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