Sales and Marketing

Brand Marketing Specialist

We are a Silicon Valley startup. Our new no-code platform product AppMaster is designed to help companies build apps with minimal effort and budget.
If you are passionate about information technology and want to gain experience in the US market, you know how to promote a new product and join our team.
** This role assumes a high level of English.
** Resumes without a cover letter will not be considered
Job Details:
  • You must have demonstrated excellence in running social media accounts, particularly as it pertains to organic user growth and engagement. One of your primary tasks as part of this role is to run all social media channels, including posting content, stories, and explore expansion into new channels
  • We hope you love to write and are a talented storyteller since you'll be responsible for creating email marketing campaigns to supplement communication via social media
  • You'll work directly with the company founders to tangibly increase brand awareness within the San Francisco bay area
  • Organizing of events
  • Giving input on marketing initiatives and suggesting creative ways to improve the company’s public image
  • Conducting research on marketing initiatives of the company’s competitors.
  • Monitoring of media coverage on events and media releases that were issued and creating press clippings
  • Lead the effort to create physical branded items and merchandise
  • You must be a graphic designer. Although your day to day role will not involve digital design, you will be called upon to do spot work and to create documents and other collateral for marketing purposes or in support of other teams' work
What it Takes to Succeed:
  • Experience in leading integrated, multi-channel, consumer marketing programs
  • Track record of amazing customer experiences that deliver results
  • Digital-minded with a strong understanding of mobile and social marketing platforms, creative approaches to campaigns
  • Self-starter with excellent creative and critical thinking skills
  • Strong attention to detail and comfortable handling multiple ongoing programs with varying priorities, deliverables, and deadlines
  • Excellent written and verbal interpersonal skills. You can simplify complex topics and explain them clearly and concisely
  • Ability to work quickly under pressure and adapt to changing environments
  • Diplomatic approach to relationship management
  • Flexible, you can handle challenges while maintaining your cool and sense of humor