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Dmitry Reznik 
HIMS Board Member 
Our current system does not allow full management of regulatory documents. To solve problems, we need to buy a more expensive solution than the existing one or develop a customized application. Our budget does not represent the possibility of purchasing more costly solutions as well as hiring developers for development from scratch. AppMaster solved this problem. We received a customized application in several weeks without going beyond our budget.
Sergei Ratnikov 
Project Lead 
AppMaster helped me implement and launch my project for a week on my own. The platform is easy to use for citizen developers and business users. I am glad that I did not have to hire any specialists, spend additional time and money.
Valery Zubanov
Commercial Director 
We compared several vendors with no-code solutions, but for our specific needs, the AppMaster Platform was the most cost-effective. Amazingly how quickly we were able to get a production-ready application with no software developers in place. Very good point is the ability to download source code of our solution and make necessary certifications according to our policies.
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Dmitry Reyson 
CTO at EMIS Service 
"The end of sufferings or briefly how we stopped using complex human-written code in our project"

"The EMIS Service project was launched in 2018 to simplify the hotels’ operation with the transferring data procedure to the UVM of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and it quickly gained popularity among major players in the HoReCa market. For a long time, we have been developing using "authentic" methods - hired developers, conducted endless tests, and many times rewrote the product from scratch" - says Dmitry Reyson, CTO EMIS Services

Same as all companies working in the field of digital technologies, in the process of creating our product, we faced many problems. One of them, rather an obvious problem, but it did not seem to us so large-scale at the first sight, was a serious staff shortage. Any professional working in our field will agree that now there is a problematic tendency of the absence of a "golden mean" in terms of good specialists in the development of backend and web applications. Young people with little professional experience can suit any small budget. However, as the practice has shown, it is quite rare to have a long-term relationship with them, and sometimes it causes drainage in our income.

Conducting dozens of constant interviews, we decided that the next stage of our experiments would be specialists of the Senior level. As soon as a couple of such professionals joined our team, the work began to boil at a completely different pace. The number of errors decreased significantly, but even here everything turned out to be not as perfect as we expected. First of all, the new professional team began its work with the words “everything needs to be rewritten from scratch”. Secondly, there were certainly fewer mistakes, but they could not get rid of them by 100%. The sweetest cherry on top of this cake is the wage rate, which fluctuates with the dollar exchange rate, and rises the same as Elon Musk always strives for the stars.

At the beginning of 2020, we were looking for ways to solve the problem with staff, simplify and speed up the development of our service. The mutual acquaintances suggested trying to create a version of our product using the AppMaster.io platform (at that time it was still in the early beta stage). By that time, we already had experience working with similar platforms for creating business card sites - Tilda. We didn't believe that something decent would come out of this venture, but we decided to experiment again and give the platform a try. It took us about a week to slowly figure out the functionality of AppMaster.io and independently assemble the prototype, close to what we had been developing for the last six months.

Today our service uses a fully generated backend using the AppMaster.io platform, and it doesn't have a single human-written line of code. When we started using the platform, it did not allow us to create full-fledged web applications and we had to write the code for the frontend with the help of developers. However, as various components for creating web applications appear in the platform, we plan to transfer the frontend to AppMaster.io as well.