Monthly Digest: Major highlights of June in

June is coming to an end, which means that it’s time, to sum up, everything we have reached during this month.

Here are the changes, improvements, and new features we have in

⚡️ Integrations

Every month keeps adding more Integrations to expand the list of choices for our users and to widen the application capabilities. 
In June we have added 11 new modules:

  • Discord 
  • Intercom API
  • Gmail API
  • iCalendar 
  • GetResponse 
  • Maps
  • Crypto
  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Apple
  • Sign in with Facebook
  • Sign in with LinkedIn

🧱 Business Process Editor

We can honestly state that month of June was mostly spent on advancing Business Process Editor. We have corrected major errors, added new blocks, and made some changes to ease the use of this section. 

Fixed Errors:
  • Fixed bug with Business Processes blocks synchronization.
  • Fixed bug with missing links in business processes when changing the scheme of project models.
  • Fixed bug with Business Processes name duplication. 
  • Fixed “is_valid” status when showing a business process in the list after fixing errors inside it.

New Blocks:
  • Raise Error
  • Read CSV file
  • Read XLS file
  • Read XLSX file
  • To Lower Case
  • To Upper Case
  • Trim Spaces
  • Replace
  • Extract Char
  • SHA1, SHA 256, SHA512, MD5 Hashing
  • Write to Log

Performed Changes:
  • Added the ability to clone Business Processes.
  • Restricted symbols, now Business Processes can only be created in Latin symbols. 
  • Invalid blocks and connections in custom Business Processes are now highlighted visually. Also, the Business Process with the invalid blocks itself is marked as invalid and its content is not generated.

🛠 General Functionality Improvements

Here are different improvements that are not concentrated on one particular section, but dispersed throughout the platform:

  • Added support for virtual blocks links.
  • Added modules localization.
  • Added binding of parameters in endpoints from parameters in the path.
  • Added a log page that displays the logs of the generated application.
  • Added a new datatype - timespan.
  • Added styles for Thin, Regular, Solid, Duotone icons.
  • Added widgets for working with linked models in the mobile designer.
  • Restored work of IOS DemoApp.
  • Implemented hide & show actions for all widgets
  • Improved stability of generated applications.

⚙️ General Functionality Changes

Here are noticeable changes that might influence your overall performance on the platform:

  • The project can be shared with only two users under the Free Plan. 
  • It won’t be impossible to share the project if the email address is not confirmed. 
  • It is no longer possible to download source code and binaries for the free plan

💬 General Fixes and Corrections

Here are the visible bugs fixes of this month:

  • Fixed bug of unlimited user invite. 
  • Fixed bug of sharing a project with yourself.
  • Fixed various bugs in mobile and web applications editors.
  • Fixed localization texts and added localization of errors from the server
  • Restored the work of Date & Time. 

These were the main updates in June and we are aiming to reach more in the next month. Keep reporting bugs, suggesting ideas, and upvoting for the features you need - because of you we can improve more.